Waking Up

The world is still. The morn quiet. All is still waking up.

From the perch the hawk looks on. Waiting for the movement. The dawn.

It is coming soon. Arriving fast. The waking happens, at last.

Forever watching. Overlooking it all. The hawk see movement, so small.

Gliding over. Reaching fast. Hawk is patient. He is nourished. Full at last.

Captured, But Not Captive

Hawk perched on the wooden dowel. Waiting for his meal. His wing grew stronger with the passing of each day. He knew it would not be long before he was soaring high in the heavens. How he longed to be free.

The women who found him and fixed him; talked to him daily. Letting him know he would not be a prisoner there. He would be strong enough one day to soar again.

He tried to patiently wait for the day of his release. While knowing he would miss some of his healing days, as the women who tended him, gave him hope. Her kind eyes always met his piercing gaze as she handed him his meal.

He planned to watch over her when he was free. Keeping the mice and rabbits out of her yard.