Life Is Expanding

Forever growing.

Forever changing.

Life is expanding.

Like all things when stretched

there is a point when it bounces back.

Try to stay grounded.

Centered and true.

During those moments,

as sure as the sunrise

and the stars in the skies,

the expansion returns

to one’s surprise

it looks different this time.

As life is expanding,


it’s true.

Expanding and expanding.

Growing to bloom.

Growing Into It

The shirt hung large on his small frame. ‘you’ll grow into it.’ She spoke with authority and knowing. He tugged at the sleeves which engulfed his hands. Comforted by the large shirt. Wanting for too long to be small. Because small meant he was out of the way. Muniscule. Unimportant. Overlooked.

The shirt sleeves hit too high on his arm. He grew into it, and now out of it.Bigger. Stronger. A tad surer. He loomed over some. Not aggressively, but by shear size. Gentle. Caring. 

He grew into himself. By shear luck, or circumstance. It really did not matter how it was labeled. He felt good. Whole. 

He took that wholeness and shaped a world.