Departed. Now Gone.

It was written in the clouds.

In the sway of the grasses. The chirp of the birds.

In the grasshopper in the kitchen I scooped up

to put outside. It was all there.

I saw it. Payed attention. Even when I did not want to.

I was present in all the right moments.

At every twist and turn. Dying a bit to detach again as it was 

excruciating to watch. 

All the while, the echo of pay attention

hummed in my mind. So attention I did pay.

Always. Feeling the flutter of the butterfly wings

as she passed by. Embracing the breeze as it 

caressed its way past me.

I watched. I waited. Stayed as present as I was meant to be.

You departed. I saw it. Felt it. Like a twitch.

Here. Then gone. No more goodbyes.

No more heartache or cries. You departed for the last time.

Going out with the drama you so embraced.

I thought I would not cry as tears streamed down my face.


This is one of those pieces that took on a life of it’s own. I have not lost anyone recently.

I debated on posting it, but I felt it was one I wanted to share. I did not want anyone reading to think I had lost someone. All is well here.

To anyone who maybe grieving the loss of a loved one, I send my humble blessings for you to find comfort.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


In Confidence

I spoke in quiet confidence,
sharing my pain and grief with you.
I spoke the truth.
Thinking I would find understanding,
comfort, or acknowledgement from you.

You stood up
when I finished.
No kind words came out.
Instead you turned from me,
and started to shout!

You screamed my words,
my pain, my life.
You screamed for all to know.

Then you turned,
smugly smiling,
thinking I would hide,
because the world now knew,
my deepest pain and grief.

You were shocked
to find me standing tall.
In confidence,
I stood.
I will never choose to be small.

In your desire
to show the world my pain,
you also exposed yourself
for who you are.

In confidence,
I will not turn to you again.
In confidence,
I can walk away,
knowing without a doubt,
that I am safe now.

You cannot scream my pain and grief
to the world no more.
I will not hold it in,
but use it to inspire others
so they, too, can walk on
in confidence.