They sing!

High up.

They sing.

Looking forward to the warmth the sun brings.

Even on a cloudy day,

they sing and sing.


Up high.

They flutter.

Moving to and fro.

From morning

to night.

They sing and work.

Live with delight.


Oh, so merrily.

They sing.

Vibrating a song of gratitude,

They sing.

With Heartfelt Gratitude, I Say Thank You.

With heartfelt gratitude, 

I say thank you

to the workers who are still going to work.

Thank you to the teachers who are teaching our kids.

Thank you to the retail workers who still are essential.

Thank you to the rescue workers who always keep us safe.

Thank you to the mailpersons, delivery drivers, and parcel handlers.

You are keeping us connected.

Thank you to the tech people who keep this internet up and running.

Thank you to the earth for continuing to spin.

Thank you. Each and everyone of you who are doing your best to get through this.

With heartfelt gratitude, I say thank you to all.
May you all receive love, blessings, and joy throughout your day. đź’• Carrie

Faith And Chocolate

The tea was warm. The blanket snug.

She curled into the book. Content to read.

Content to be. Love and laughter filled the pages.

Sipping the sweet herb from her colorful mug.

Warmth and comfort. Sometimes taken for granted.

Not at this moment. At this moment she was grateful.

Grateful for the good words. Grateful for the warm beverage.

Full of gratitude for life. Because life was a joyous creation 

fuelled on faith and chocolate.

Those Moments

The ones that try to steal the magic.

The ones that try to steal the joy.

Those moments where the madness tries to sink it’s teeth into me.

I don’t want those moments, any more than others do.

I just want the peace and love. The quiet soothing, too.

Yet those moments exist for what it’s worth.

To cultivate gratitude and give new dreams birth.

So I will endure those moments as best as I can.

Always waiting for them to pass with the lesson I needed to learn.

Upon the passing I can say the day will be all the brighter.

Thank you God for those moments that cause me to lean more towards the light.

A Simple Thank You.

Gratitude. Spilling over everything.
Pouring out of the life, we have chosen
to live. Gratitude. Something grand.
An acknowledgement. A heartfelt murmer.
Something more wondrous. Overspilling,
overflowing, one might want to blush.
Gratitude. In this moment, it seems a bit too much.
I will accept it. I have to say. A simple thank you,
could have gone a long way. Yet here I am.
Heart to the brim. Full of loving gratitude.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie 2019

Deepening Gratitude

She sat. Legs crossed. Eyes shut. Focused on her breathing. In. Out. In. Out. Until everything fades away, and stillness is found. Images flicker behind her eyes. To rapid to consciously process, but they are processed and remembered. In. Out. Breathing. Flashing images. Repeated. Washed with love. Deep in gratitude. Slowly returning to the present. Where the stillness will carry her through the day. Where the breath will be focused on. Where her gratitude will be deepened. Where life will flow and unfold in calmness, wonder, and delight. In stillness, deepening gratitude, she lives and breathes each day. Sending love to all along the way.

A Toast to New Beginnings

Although the day started out the same,
Like any other day.
It's new! It's new!
You chorus to me.
Embrace the day!
Let it be!
Think of it in all of its newness.
Celebrate the way that the day unfolds.
See the blessings, the opportunities, and magic.
Watch your eyes open wide.
For today is new,
And fill of surprise!

Embrace the day, and it's glorious unfolding.
See the deliciousness in every moment.
Toast the day!
To new beginnings!
Let's go celebrate!

You Mean A Lot To Me

Although I forget,
To say thank you,
I love you,
You mean a lot to me.

Although I forget,
To express my gratitude,
To hear you through,
You mean a lot to me.

Although I forget,
The simple things,
The joy you bring,
You mean a lot to me.

What I do remember,
Is your dedication,
Your hopes and dreams.
You mean a lot to me.

What I remember,
You working hard,
You pushing through,
You mean a lot to me.

What can I say,
Words are not with me those days,
Yet silently, I pray. Because
You mean a lot to me.

So if I forget,
Remember this bit,
You mean a lot to me.