The Promise

Your hand intertwined with mine.

Butterflies flew by as I momentarily forgot to breath.

I waited a lifetime for this moment.

I will wait another, some other day,

For now, I take your hand you offer,

And walk along with you.

Companionably. Sometimes in silence.

Other times in humor. Enjoying what may feel brief,

Our times we keep. I was you in my sleep.

You guide me through the very deep.

God, as one, I walk with thee.

Breakfast With God

I envisioned crapes and berries.

Veggie omelettes and juice.

Pulling out the chair beside you,

I found my favorite tea.

Berries and grapefruit.

Chocolate for a sweet.

You sat with you hands clasped.

Smelling of earth and rain.

Something else familiar,

But hard to explain.

You ate toast

with butter.

Cut at an angle.

I waited for something profound.

It felt like a dream.

Warm fluffy blankets and cozy sunsets.

You spoke of nothing one would think of as important,

But it felt good to converse.

Your eyes sparkled.

We both laughed at the bird waving by the window.

It felt like home.

I really missed home.

The laughter.

The warmth.

The home I kept trying to create here,

but missing it. Muddling it.

Until the longing was so fierce. I called for you.

You answered. We ate and conversed.

I felt whole again.

I trotted off to create that home I always wanted to.