Brought Into Heaven

You walked, pranced, beside me.

Climbing the rainbow bridge.

One last goodbye, we spoke.

Before you passed through the gates.

Holy light. Glowing from beyond the golden structures.

So bright it should hurt the eyes.

Soothing in it’s shine.

With love and fullness I turn around.

Walking slowly toward the ground.

You are tucked away with God.

I am here. On earth. Still.

Until the time comes to walk another forward.

The journey is ever evolving.

I am here to play my part.

It Snowed Today

It was God’s way to wash

the world in a blanket of white

purify and delight

hold up all our rights

change the course in the night.

It was God’s will to blanket our world. 

Extinguish the greys with the brightest of whites.

Blinding in our delight.

Thank you for the new day. For this beautiful sight.

God Smells

Yes. God smells.

He smells like pine sap,

lemonade and fresh rain.

He smells like chocolate cake.

Like miracles that Grandma’s bake.

God smells like babies, kittens, and spice.

He smells like everything nice.

Old spice and candy canes.

Fresh snow and ocean rains.

He smells like apples ripening in the sun.

Fresh mowed grass.

Summer fun.

Yes, God smells like everything miraculous and ordinarily mundane.

He smells like hope and dreams, if they smelled like anything.

Most of all, God smells of sunshine and roses.

All the good things we breathe through our noses.

Yes. God smells.

When Magic Appears

The current is not subtle,

Suggestive or unknown.

It seems so fast and slow.

Nothing will describe it.

A glimpse of the surreal.

Peppered with Angel feathers.

Sent of vanilla and lemons in the air.

A different kind of magic.

One God breathes to life.

He gave a glimpse of it to all who cared to look

With wide and open eyes.

Sought to feel nothing, but a darkness pulling us down.

He lifted each and everyone.

Placed them gently on the ground.

A pat on the head. I thought, He chuckled, too.

Then, like the magic He is, light returned to the fold.