If He Laid Heaven Down.

He brought us all we could eat.

Laid it at our feet.

He washed and gathered all the treats.

Yet he could not lay heaven down upon our feet.

That’s for you to discover.

He spoke simply.

We thought we would worship him.

He would lay it at our feet.

Quietly, he shock his head.

Speaking faithfully. On the hearts of everyone,

Heaven lays, you’ll see.

We opened our hearts, well some of us, it’s true.

Some where unwilling, so they leaned on you.

At our feet laid heaven. Doors open wide.

Every breeze and breath and birdsong

held us inside. Waters sparkled off the trees.

Rainbows were all around. All we asked, we had received.

Heaven was found.

Heaven is within all of us. Ask, it will be found.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com