Ahhh…That Sound.

The crunch of leaves on the ground.

The ruffle of feathers as the geese fly south.

The brush of a breeze, warming our knees.

The sweater fitting, just right.

The animals gathering food and chattering

their farewells for the day.

Tucking in. The summer will end.

Pulling the covers over our head.

To sleep peacefully in the night.

Awakening to the day dawning. Bird song.

New season upon us. Glorious!

I love the changing of seasons! Mainly, I really like change. Not constant forced change, but the lovely changes that help life flow more gracefully.

I am always looking for these changes. I am sure this drives those close to me crazy, but it’s who I am. I no longer want to change that. Instead, I embrace it. Looking for the changes that will align my life with what truly is supposed to be.

Until next time:

Love and blessings, đź’•Carrie

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Chocolate and Fruit

Looking for a friendship that nourishes and comforts. Lifts the soul.

Brings a whole self into the mix. Preferably with common things.

Like funky socks, poetry, puns, and odd facts. Many unspoken silences

to fill the gaps. Full of laughter and surprises. Fun and kindness, too.

Looking for that friendship that goes well with chocolate and fruit.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

The Unforgotten Friend

I remember you. Your smile.

The light you always shine on everyone.

Not just me. Not just your friends.

But all who passed you by. 

You saw the good in all our eyes.

You asked all the right questions.

Remembered all the right moments.

You where peace and calm.

Fun and love. Everything rolled into one.

I wish forever, and a day, I could have told you

how special you are. You where.

At the time I did not see. How unique. How different.

You where to all around. You made it look so simple.

Leaving us feeling profound. Warm, fuzzy, and alive.

Thank you for that. For you I strive to be the very thing you where.

With a twist to make it mine. It’s a life’s journey. Simple, but 

almost impossible at times.
2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Little Connections

There is no sudden quality to the quantity of friends.

I just might over share my day with the checkout clerk.

Rather than speak it to those who know me well.

Because I see they want from me to listen, not to tell.

As I patiently hear all they have to say. I quietly wish to find

A friendship that goes both ways. Engaging more than the mind.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Mama Robin And The Friendship Of Trusting Souls

We never intended to be friends.

I was fascinated by your nest, your eggs, your young.

You chirped you disapproval from an acceptable distance.

Until the day you had no more.

You would dive bomb my head.

It started at three feet from your nest and moved up.

I think by the end of summer I could not go into the side yard

Without a quick warning chirp and dive threats.

I apologized profusely.

The next year I pretended not to notice your nest.

Nodding ‘hi’ as I passed you on a branch.

Now, how many years has it been?

You follow me in the yard. I have no clue where your nest is,

but a family of doves moved in this year. 

A mouse used your nest from last year to build an impressive tower

which we keep trying to convince ourselves it is not a mouse nest.

Some exotic bird, I suppose. 

We watch and hope the cat checks in. As we like to let things live.

You, Mama robin, watch, too.

Lace And Parasol

You walk the frozen waters edge

In fine lacey gowns. Parasol, twirling round.

Whispering, ‘boo’, to those who stand around.

Until the day your voice was heard.

You made a friend who enjoyed the cold.

She too walked along, alone.

In frozen solitude.

Crunching ice beneath her shoes.

You glided silently by her side.

Enjoying every view.

Describing how young these trees where then.

She marvels at them now.

How beautiful they have grown.

What stories they can tell.

You marvel at your friend.

What it could have been.

Had you met a lifetime ago.

Would you both have giggled, so.

You would like to believe it true.

She is like a future you.

More refined and somewhat sad today.

Heartened by your friendly way.

You both part again. Till next time my friend.

Goodbye and farwell.

You will be here in lace and parasol.