The Breath Inside of Me.

Holding space and room to grow.

Finding all one needs to know.

Crouching low.

Then in passing, I let it go.

Goodbyes have happened time and again.

Brought to the surface a new friend.

Through it all, I keep searching

For the one who compliments and respects

me for me and nothing less.

Amid The Changes

Amid the changes; comfort is found

in  knowing that somethings stay around.

The worn out jokes we like to toss back and forth.

The eye roll worthy phrases we use to crack a joke.

It comforts me in this time of need

To have the past provide, a little sample of our love to feed

our souls tonight.

A Flash Of Red

walking through the forest

she came upon a stream

flowing sparkling

pretty as can be

she paused to drink it in

the scene in front of her

when a loud chirp

sounded by her ear

a flash of red flew near

looking round to her delight

he perched merrily within sight

chirpping quietly as if to say

‘this is a very fine day’

she nodded yes

it really is

a fine day for a walk and a new friend