The Open Door

Gazing at the light pouring in. 

It’s bright. Inviting. Lovely light.

It calls us forward. Asking.

Do come now, for all will be brand new.

So it is.

Brand new. Doors open. Some close.

We focus on the ones we see.

Realizing the world holds all kinds of magic

beyond that open door.

Stepping through. No memories haunt us anymore.

Cool, vibrant thoughts. Memories of laughter and joy.

Fully expand us.

So when the sadness seeps in, we see it.

We watch it. Acknowledge it. Help it bloom into joy again.

So it continues. Open door. Moving forward.

Closing those we choose, or are chosen for us.

Either way it all works out.

We find our way. Stumbling, skipping, jumping, running, limping.

Whatever works in the moment. As it all is.

A door open.

Faith And Chocolate

The tea was warm. The blanket snug.

She curled into the book. Content to read.

Content to be. Love and laughter filled the pages.

Sipping the sweet herb from her colorful mug.

Warmth and comfort. Sometimes taken for granted.

Not at this moment. At this moment she was grateful.

Grateful for the good words. Grateful for the warm beverage.

Full of gratitude for life. Because life was a joyous creation 

fuelled on faith and chocolate.

Embracing It All

With reservation and restrictions.

Hope this passes quickly.

What kind of fluid moment could we capture here?

Asked by some to keep routine.

Not wanting scheduled schemes.

Fitting in and finding out.

Although we stuck to procedure.

One of us did not care.

Left us all on the line.

It a pain we often bare.

So what can we do?

When this pain is brand new?

Take a moment, pray real hard.

Listen for the wisdom.

Come what may, we will learn from it.

Maybe now, maybe years from now,

But how do we move on?

When one of us decided to harm us all…

Carried On A Wing

Faith should be more complicated
When we sit and think about it.
Yet it is naturally easy.
Like breathing.
One does not need to think of it.
It comes easy.
When practiced. 
It comes to us when we need it most.
It comes to us when we face our ghosts.
It comes to us over night time scares.
It comes to us when we do not care.

Faith, carried on a wing.
Flown to greater heights.
Soars above our own awareness
To accomplish everything we need
In this moment and beyond.

No faith can be replaced.
Yet we should be wise to feed and nurture faith.
As it is what will move mountains.
And carry them away on a wing.

Love and blessings. đź’•Carrie 2019