Choose to Believe

Make the choice.
Stick to it.
Watch it grow.
Watch it stick.
Add more fuel.
Are you sure?

Yes! Let it grow some more.
It is an inkling
At the moment.
It will be huge
Don't you know it!

Bring it up inside of you.
Nurture it.
Let it grow.
That little seed will grow, and grow.
To bigger things than you will know.
Keep it alive.
Don't squash it now.
You will see the importance of your work
Sooner than you think.
Take a deep breath
And choose to believe.

The Nugget

It all started with a tiny little nugget, or maybe it was a seed. A small nuggling. A little dream. It started; yes, it did.

Then it blossomed into more. Blooming, unfolding, deliciously new. Something so small, grew and grew.

Now it is big enough to plant hundreds of seeds. Spreading far and wide for the world to believe.

Remember one thing, it maybe a nugget today, give it some time, nourish it, and soon it will be as large (maybe even bigger) than you could perceive.

Hang onto your dreams.

Love and blessings. 💕 Carrie ©2019