What Are Your Dreams?

Are they big? Small?

Do you care about them at all?

Will they reach far and wide?

Touch the heavens? Fill the sky?

Are they for you alone? Small in scale,

But grand and grown 

with love, joy, wonder.

Could you share them with another?

Off topic for a tiny moment, this picture always brings a smile to me. It looks as if the tree is holding the moon in her thin arms.

Back to dreams, how many of us have put our dreams aside to take care of life. Not the part of life that brings joy, but the part that is required. The chores, to dos, etc.

What does it take to follow a dream? 

For me, it’s small steps. Filling my day with pieces that I enjoy, so that all the others things that are required feel more like things I choose to do, rather than things I have to do.

Sometimes, I feel it is fun to just dream. Really big! Knowing that it might not become anything more than a dream. Which is okay, because in the dreaming, it was fun.

Maybe that is why I enjoy writing so much. A lot of it can be a fantasy, which is all in good fun.

What are your dreams? Are you taking steps to achieve them, or are they a delicious distraction?

Running On Sunshine

This time of year. The days are long.

The sun is near. I ride the rays

as they rise, as they fall, as they drift to sleep.

Going on. Living life. As if I had a dream.

A simple yearning. To take it all. Consume

the very breath. The rays of light pump

through the days. Taken as I slept.

Chasing Again

riding the wave

a current of dreams

following all the wishes

dandelion fluff

blowing in the breeze

spreading the seeds

of dreams


glorious chances

dreams do come true

chasing again

the seeds of wishes



as it gets better and better

we move forward


chasing again

Dreams Are Possible

Follow the footsteps. Follow the  sound.

There is potential to lift off the ground.

There is tremendous power. The power to soar and glide.

Take the chance and opportunity. Touch the sky.

Enjoyment comes from within to light a path profound.

Gracing you with glory. The universe has one crowned.

Drenched In Stardust

She lay on the cool grass

Wrapped in dreams

Drenched in stardust

Lost in a moment

Solitarily moved to sink in the cosmos

Ride a dream to the out most edges of the world

To lay on the cool grass

Wrapped in dreams

Drenched in stardust

Echoing a lifetime

Of love

Looking Through The Stained Glass

She sat, cross legged.
The step was hard.
She barely noticed.
Focused on the colored light circling her legs.
Everything else disappeared.

Movement caught her eye.
There was something on the other side.
Standing fast. Moving forward.
She pressed her face to the clear panel.
The one in the corner of the intricate window.

Looking through a tiny square.
She saw it looking back at her.
Tall and lengthy. It stared back.
Smiling some, as if to ask,
Would you come and play with me?

She rushed down the steps.
Out the door in a blur of skirts.
Finding him staring up.
Looking for her.

Giggling. She asked. Will you come and play at last?
Grin splitting his face wide.
He jumped up, tail wagging high.
Tossing balls and chasing sticks.
They played forever, or so it seemed.
Until she woke from the dream.

Follow A Dream

It was mystical.
A bit magical.
Maybe a little radical.
Yet it lit up her soul.
The very fact of doing it.
Achieving it.
Dreaming of it.
Made her feel whole.
Was it going to be as enjoyable
Once it was achieved?
Maybe it would satisfy
The following of her dream.
Yes, it would satisfy.
The accomplishment.
The dream.
It would satisfy,
And lead to more dreams.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie