The Possibilities Are There

Moving, twisting, turning. Feeling the burning
when the idea forms.
Breaking free. Breaking me. To a new morn.
Open and ready. Beginning brand new.
Holding the words in my heart. Speaking only truth.
The possibilities are there. I am open to them.
Hear the whispers. Feel the words.
See the joy in all that unfolds. Grateful for the life.
Bursting, breathing, quiet seeing. Knowing it is all right.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie 2019


It's on the tip of your tongue
The warmth of your breath
Something has changed
You do not know it yet

Feel it deep within your soul
A fire so strong you have to grab hold
It will consume you they all cry out
Consume away you scream and shout

For life has meaning a purpose brand new
Something that crackles and spews
Sudden sparks of delicious through and through
Greatness was born out of love to improve.