With Heartfelt Gratitude, I Say Thank You.

With heartfelt gratitude, 

I say thank you

to the workers who are still going to work.

Thank you to the teachers who are teaching our kids.

Thank you to the retail workers who still are essential.

Thank you to the rescue workers who always keep us safe.

Thank you to the mailpersons, delivery drivers, and parcel handlers.

You are keeping us connected.

Thank you to the tech people who keep this internet up and running.

Thank you to the earth for continuing to spin.

Thank you. Each and everyone of you who are doing your best to get through this.

With heartfelt gratitude, I say thank you to all.
May you all receive love, blessings, and joy throughout your day. ๐Ÿ’• Carrie

Pristine and Green


All the green glorious

fluid days

space together

fill us up

on sunshine

pristine green grasses

and flowery surprises.

Melted chocolate.

Candy eggs.

Bows and hats.

Pleasant surprises.

Pulled and tugged

to see it all

in one place

as we hold still.

Waiting in all this pristine green.

I ask…

I ask for grace and ease.

A loving sense of peace.

I ask for breaths so deep.


I ask for calm to come.

I ask for tranquility.

An envelope of loving energy.

I ask for it all.

Walking through this uncertain time.

I ask for every being affected, to have the peace they need.

To have a quiet mind.

To feel and spread love.

As we all can do.

I ask to be present when I speak to you.

I ask for understanding.

For quiet calming breaths.

As this time we are muddling through, will soon pass to the next.

As we pass through, I ask it be; a passage full of grace and ease.

Loving energy.

Soak up what I’m asking as the moments come along.

Keep that quiet love we hold within our hearts now.

May it radiate to every being who needs love and joy.

May the planet and it’s inhabitants enjoy peace throughout the land.

I ask for all of this, and one more thing today.

May all this loving energy be passed along the way.

Fill the hearts who need it with, love and joy and laugh.

I ask for all of it.

I ask…

Carrie ๐Ÿ’• 2020


No matter how big or small

They turn us a bit upside down.

Yet through it all, we will find our way.

To a new, brighter, sunnier day.
Stay safe and healthy. Love to you all. We will get through this changing time one moment at a time. I know for me I have been seeing more and more reasons to be grateful. Gratitude has a wonderful way of lessening fear and anxiety. Continued prayers for a brighter tomorrow and gratitude for the lovely connections here.


As The World Closes

We try to keep it light. Don’t panic. It’s not right.

The world, or portions of it, has shut down.

What do we do? Prioritize. Buy toilet paper and other supplies.

Make light of something so unknown. A tiny microscopic drone.

Creating and causing a world to shut down. A world to pause. Breathe and refresh.

Stay safe and healthy. Do what you can. Enjoy the new opportunity to be something…grand?

Oh, this is so new. What will we see on the other side of it when it ends?

I pray it’s peace and joy. Maybe a few new friends.
Stay safe and healthy. Love to you all. ๐Ÿ’• Carrie 2020