Around Again

The trail circles back to itself,

no real destination in mind.

It ebbs and flows, over and under,

around the natural divine.

Cirlcling. Round again. I think I saw that tree.

Say hi again. We meet, my friend. As I keep circling

again. Round and round. Until it’s done. At least the view has changed.

The flowers bloomed. The grasses grew. The trees are taller, too.

I keep circling. Around again. Crossing the trickling stream.

Keeping up a steady pace. Stopping to look at things. Butterflies

and dandelions. Clouds and trees. 

Birds and spiders. Things that fly higher.

What are those insects there?

The path leads to all these things. Delightful to explore.


We meet in passing
As if a breeze went by.
Glancing briefly
Smiling and nodding, Hi.

We meet briefly
In line at the grocery.
Passing an odd comment
About the new line of tea.

We meet more often
For dinner or dessert
At our favorite restaurant
When you wear your favorite shirt.

We meet more frequently
No real plans only talk
About nothing and everything
In the park for a walk.

We meet at the door
Everyday when you come home
Telling me about your day
Enjoying in our time alone.

Connections happen
Big or small
It's really all the same.