The moments string together

like garland strung on the tree

hanging a little lopsided as the holidays

start to complete. Strung in those moments

if we look closely, are all sorts of blessings:

cheers and glee, heartache and grief, sad melancholy,

moments of relief, strung tightly wound, fraying at places, 

so beautifully arranged in other spots our hearts ache with glee.

All strung together to create life. Beautiful blessing bestowed.

Hearts overflow, break, fill, and overflow.

As it goes on, forever this way.



Forever graceful. Full of grace. Rhythmically moving.

Quiet chimes and orchestrated rhymes. Forever moving through time.

Undulating. Flowing. Gracefully knowing. It all unfolds just right.

In the continuous movement of life.


Around Again

The trail circles back to itself,

no real destination in mind.

It ebbs and flows, over and under,

around the natural divine.

Cirlcling. Round again. I think I saw that tree.

Say hi again. We meet, my friend. As I keep circling

again. Round and round. Until it’s done. At least the view has changed.

The flowers bloomed. The grasses grew. The trees are taller, too.

I keep circling. Around again. Crossing the trickling stream.

Keeping up a steady pace. Stopping to look at things. Butterflies

and dandelions. Clouds and trees. 

Birds and spiders. Things that fly higher.

What are those insects there?

The path leads to all these things. Delightful to explore.

It Comes Around

There is no beginning.
There is no end.
It all comes back,
To circle around.
Spiral us up,
Or knock us down.
It all happens.
Round and round.
The days will move differently.
We promise you this
When you get a handle
In this little bit.


Radiate it out.
Pull it in.
Sparkle for the world.
Shine from your skin.

Only then will the world come around.
Sparkling diamonds.
Love all around.

So if you are feeling down,
It all comes around.

The joy will resurface.
The light will emerge.
The dark days do end.
You have our word.

Love and blessings to you. 💕 Carrie 2019