Looking At It Now

The tea was cold and fragrant.

Sipped with such delight.

She stared into the stables.

Watching the early light.

The mares were eating grass or hay.

She never remembered which.

They always looked so wise and strong.

There eyes never miss.

Content and happy she could not have known

life would swing her here.

A life full of everything her heart truly held dear.

Amid The Changes

Amid the changes; comfort is found

in  knowing that somethings stay around.

The worn out jokes we like to toss back and forth.

The eye roll worthy phrases we use to crack a joke.

It comforts me in this time of need

To have the past provide, a little sample of our love to feed

our souls tonight.


No matter how big or small

They turn us a bit upside down.

Yet through it all, we will find our way.

To a new, brighter, sunnier day.
Stay safe and healthy. Love to you all. We will get through this changing time one moment at a time. I know for me I have been seeing more and more reasons to be grateful. Gratitude has a wonderful way of lessening fear and anxiety. Continued prayers for a brighter tomorrow and gratitude for the lovely connections here.


Change It All

Sitting here. Looking at everything. I want to change

it all. As the thought sinks in. Strands of memory pour

through the relief. Sinking deep into marrow. I

blink once, twice, a few more times. Until the cobwebs recede.

Opening my awareness to my fist, tightly gripping

all I tried to let go. Maybe I got this wrong. Maybe I 

gave too much here, and not enough there. Maybe

I should change it all. See where everything falls,

while I stand. Unclenching the very thing holding me here.

To find…something more breathable and light. Has it all changed?

The Last Day of This Season

Goodbye. It was fun.
Frolicking in the sun.
Staying up late. Watching the stars.
Soaking up the rays, filling our hearts.
Goodbye, Summer.
You will be fondly remembered.

Get out the sweaters, long sleeves, and jackets.
Start sharpening the knives for those Jack 'o lanterns.
Look to the trees as they show their true colors.
Marvel at the geese and ducks traveling far.
Look to the skies, the air is crisp.
Grab a warm drink. Take a long sip.
Prepare today, for the new season to come.
Prepare for the newness and more fun.
Let the last day of summer slip by.
We will see you next year, for now it's goodbye.

I absolutely love the change of the seasons. Especially spring and fall. There is so much that changes on a daily basis during these two seasons, I absolutely love it!

My favourite part is the birds. All of the geese and ducks flying over. The hawks that stop by for a day or two as they travel on. The many songbirds that visit. Sometimes I even spot a bird that is fairly rare for our area. Those sightings are like gold.

Nature never ceases to amaze me and delight me.

Goodbye, Summer. We did have a lot of fun and laughter.

Hello, fall. Let us see how you unfold. I feel you are full of lots of promise.

Love and blessings lovely readers. May you have a wonderful end of the season. 💕 Carrie

P.S. The photo feature today is our cats bird watching. It felt appropriate since bird watching is one of my favorite parts this time of year.

Reflective Changes

Staring into the vast unknown
Feeling for a seed of growth
Not sure we're the tide pulls me now
Knowing for certain I are safe some how

Looking for it in your face
A gentle knowing, a warm embrace
Not sure if it was all a fake
Something you offered, something you take

Reflective changes I must make
Out to the vast unknown to create
A life newer than what you can take
Something for me, something to make

Grass should be greener
The laughter more pure
The changes I make now
Will lighten, strenghthen, help to ensure

Reflect on them, a little more
Am I really, really sure
Yes, it is right the time is now
Let me see how this unfolds some how