It’s A Little Like Flying

The speed picks up. The scene outside starts to blur.
One questions faintly, what have I done.
Then the speed is just right. The plane takes flight.
Gathering more speed as it accends in the sky.
Bluish blurs pass on by. Quiet is in sight.
The captain speaks, briefly, the flight is on track.
Food and drinks make the rounds. All sit back.
The view is spectacular. All below looks so small.
Why can we not see it, from this high view above?
All is very different, yet one can make out a house,
Look a ball field, tiny as a mouse!
The change in perspective gives one this.
A very different view, another twist.

Something New

Should I try it?
Do I dare?
Should I try it?
Would I care?

What the hell,
It's just something new.
I might as well.
Will you try it, too?

Perhaps tomorrow,
or maybe next week?
Oh gosh, gee wiz,
am I really this meek?

Jump in, Jump in.

I hear you all shout,
but it is new and uncomfortable.
I just do not know how.

With a shrug and a sigh
I try, try, try.

You know what!
It was great!
What was my fear?
Why did I hesitate?
We really do not know.
Why are you scared
of the changes, the unknown?

Perhaps it is engrained from a long time ago.
Where change meant survival was not guarantied.
Why fear what we know
is okay to believe?