It All Feels Like Sunshine And Warm Rain.

Laughing with.

Smiling with.

Being with.

It all feels like ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

It feels like warm lattes with whipped cream,

like skipping through anything.

It feels like a warm breeze.

When life is just so…

it feels like sunshine and warm rain.


The day has a special rhythm.

A music all it’s own.

The gentle whistle of wing beats.

The glittering chimes of sun beams.

The trickle of water soaking through the ground.

A beautiful gurgling of the stream passing through town.

The symphony of clapping leaves as the wind gently blows.

I pause to hear the music nature has composed.

Sunshine And Promises

Golden rays of opportunity. Speckled dust motes of glittering, shimmering clouds

float through the sun rays. Showing the air that tickles our noses. Reminding one 

we should dust, but the sun beacons us outside. Sighs emerge in the fragrant air.

Hair tickles the noses when the breeze passes by. We enjoy this simple life.

We find pleasure and abundance in our world. As spring unfolds, so do we.

Uncurling from winters grey days, into the sun, blue skies, warmer rays of light. It

meshes with the vibrant breeze, fragrant blooms, bird song. Our hearts reach to the heavens in joy. We 

are born again this day. Everyday. Every moment. Brand new, unless we choose to stay the same.

How can the stale winter keep us from expanding in the beautiful spring? It cannot. It will not.

Because we will not let it. Bye staleness, we are emerging into the light today. Choosing to breath in

fragrant air to fill our beings. The rays of the sun to wash us. The new to unfold, as it may.

Always Amused

Heartfelt laughter filled the air.

Crisp with sounds of fun and cheer.

Finding a moment or two

To look at the world and laugh. It’s true.

Always amused by the way the light filters

Through the glass on a clear morn.

How the patterns resemble hearts, catterpillars, squiggly lines

which remind me of the early drawings that hung on the refrigerator.

Smiling at that. Amused at the fact, the sun can deliver a memory

worth savoring, shift slightly and create something new.

Always amused by the way the mind works in undulating patterns.

Appearing random, but intricately laced together to form a life

of pleasure, woven through the tapestry of time, beating to a rhythm

uniquely mine. A rhythm easily and always amused.

Filling the air with laughter and joyous noise.

Enough to bring this life a glorious choice.

The choice to remain always amused.

Drunk on Life

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to laughter.
Magnetized by joy.
Counting my blessings.
Grateful for love, life, and laughter.

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to laughter.
Magnetized by joy.
Counting my blessings.
Grateful for love, life, and laughter.

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to living.
Magnetized by love.
Overflowing with joy.
Grateful for everyone.

I am drunk on life.
Addicted to love.
Magnetized by laughter.
Overflowing with abundance.
Grateful for life.

I am drunk on life!
Join me.