They sing!

High up.

They sing.

Looking forward to the warmth the sun brings.

Even on a cloudy day,

they sing and sing.


Up high.

They flutter.

Moving to and fro.

From morning

to night.

They sing and work.

Live with delight.


Oh, so merrily.

They sing.

Vibrating a song of gratitude,

They sing.

Gentle Bird. Gentle Breeze.

On the tree you perch.

Chirp. Chirp.

Gentle Breeze flows by.

Clouds drift. The world is calm.

Chirp. Chirp.

You sing your song.

Gentleness flows from your being.

Calm waves and happy singing.

Creates a world peaceful and serene.

A world most of us can choose to be.

Mild And Musical

Winter has started mild and warm.

The birds are singing as if it is spring.

Wrens with their musical, melodic voices

Hop on branches to say,

Get out! Get out! Enjoy this blessing today!

How wonderful to have bugs to eat,

And warm ground under our feet.

The chickadees sing merrily.

Asking all to join. Why not sing!

Laugh and dance. As the weather is so mild.

A Flash Of Red

walking through the forest

she came upon a stream

flowing sparkling

pretty as can be

she paused to drink it in

the scene in front of her

when a loud chirp

sounded by her ear

a flash of red flew near

looking round to her delight

he perched merrily within sight

chirpping quietly as if to say

‘this is a very fine day’

she nodded yes

it really is

a fine day for a walk and a new friend


You happily follow us
As we explore the yard.
You are never far away.
Never perched for long.
Watching us.
Then singing your song.
Always present.
Never gone.
Some say you are nosy.
Waiting in the bush
For juicy gossip,
I, for one, don't buy it
Your a guardian,
I know.
Watching over us.
Guiding us.
Calling in the reinforcements.
Adding humor to our day.
Thank you for choosing us
To build your home near.
To raise your young
And raise us up.
As your presence
Oh guardian, forever seerer,
Watch us as we play.
Catbird you hold a special place
In our hearts.
We pray you come back some day.

Learning to Let Go

She stood in front of me. Hands clenched in tight fists at her side. Tears streaming down her face. Murmuring her pain. Frustration, pain, sadness, flowed out of her.

I knelt down to her level. Placing my hands on her fists. “It will be okay.” I quietly spoke to her. Explaining the best I could how if we let the tiny bird go it would be best for him.

” But…h.h.heee..just ssssttttarteddd to fly. “

“I know love. His flying is why we need to let him go. He will not thrive cooped up in a cage for the rest of his life. He needs to be free. “

She wiped at her face a little. Taking in giant, ragged breaths. She blinked a few times. Looking at the cage were the goldfinch sat patiently waiting for his release. Her blond hair blowing and sticking to her wet face was pushed away as her body came back to calm.

“You’re right. He needs to move on. We need to let him go. I am going to miss him.”

” as will I. “

She moved slowly toward the cage. Opened the door. Quietly, saying goodbye as she stepped away from the cage.

He eagerly leapt forward and took flight. Pausing briefly on a branch to look back at the girl. A quiet chirp, and off he flew. Free again to fly.