Swift Changes

Seasons are shifting. So are the leaves.

Continuous changes. As if, we believe.

Constant is not constant. Nothing is the same.

Everything changes. Embracing the rain .

Going along for the day. Swift in the change.

Only for this moment. Brought to the stage.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Summer Fading

The geese are flying, honking a goodbye.

As the hummingbirds zip around the flowers one last


The hawks are plenty as they migrate by. Swooping at

the little birds. 

Causing the chickens to squawk and cry.

Leaves are falling one by one. 


now as they begun.

The trees are mainly green, but some are changing. Some show 


We watch and wait. The end of a season. The start of the new.

Autumn will bring abundance of crops. The seeds we had sowed,

our reward will show.

Abundant in plenty. 

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Autumn Leaves: A Time for Letting Go

One of my favorite things about Autumn, aside from the gorgeous, clear weather, is the leaves.

From the first sign of color.

To the full blown tree in all its glory!

Then they fall…

Leaving a symphony of sounds that crunch underfoot.

It is breathtaking.

Leaving me to think…

I am willing to let go as graciously and beautifully as the trees do in Autumn. Trusting the spring to arrive again. Renewing the leaves for another season.

Love and blessings to you. 💕Carrie

Fallen Leaves

Crunching crisp
Sounds of autumn underfoot.
The air is full of ripened walnuts,
Decaying leaves, and warm sunshine.
Hearts are full of reflection as the year
Progresses. Unfolding quite naturally.
Watch the leaves fall down.
Soon there will be bare branches.
Snow on the ground.

Cool Crisp Air

Autumn brings many changes.

A time for harvesting.

A time for letting go of things.

Yet my favorite thing,

Is the cool crisp air.

The wispy white clouds that flow from our mouths

as we laugh in leaf piles.

Autumn brings many things.

That cool and warm us all.

Love and blessings readers. 💕 Carrie

The Last Day of This Season

Goodbye. It was fun.
Frolicking in the sun.
Staying up late. Watching the stars.
Soaking up the rays, filling our hearts.
Goodbye, Summer.
You will be fondly remembered.

Get out the sweaters, long sleeves, and jackets.
Start sharpening the knives for those Jack 'o lanterns.
Look to the trees as they show their true colors.
Marvel at the geese and ducks traveling far.
Look to the skies, the air is crisp.
Grab a warm drink. Take a long sip.
Prepare today, for the new season to come.
Prepare for the newness and more fun.
Let the last day of summer slip by.
We will see you next year, for now it's goodbye.

I absolutely love the change of the seasons. Especially spring and fall. There is so much that changes on a daily basis during these two seasons, I absolutely love it!

My favourite part is the birds. All of the geese and ducks flying over. The hawks that stop by for a day or two as they travel on. The many songbirds that visit. Sometimes I even spot a bird that is fairly rare for our area. Those sightings are like gold.

Nature never ceases to amaze me and delight me.

Goodbye, Summer. We did have a lot of fun and laughter.

Hello, fall. Let us see how you unfold. I feel you are full of lots of promise.

Love and blessings lovely readers. May you have a wonderful end of the season. 💕 Carrie

P.S. The photo feature today is our cats bird watching. It felt appropriate since bird watching is one of my favorite parts this time of year.

Coming to a Close

Summers unwinding,
Drawing to a close.
All the signs are there
In front of our nose.
Geese are flying in the sky.
Ducks are in the air.
Summer is coming to a close
And I have to say I care

Not for it ending.
I want summer to live on!
Early mornings.
Late nights.
Sun so hot it fries!
Popsicles and ice cream.
Cloud gazing and daydreams.

Autumn whispers,
"What about me?"
Bugs are not as plentiful.
Leaves and air are crisp.
Colors of the rainbow fill the trees,
And your breath comes out as a wisp.

Summers coming to a close.
I will miss you.
You know I will.
Yet Autumn is right you see
It has spectacular leaves and pumpkins,
Jack 'o lanterns and bees.

Goodbye summer as you close.
I will enjoy your goodbye.
I suppose.
Autumn, how have you been.
Let me get my sweater,
And we will catch up again.