Stepping In

Woken to a sigh…

Movement caught the eye.

Labored tug of bedsheet,

Nudge the dog aside.

What could that possibly be?

An angel passing by?

The animals look sleepily

at her as she slips out the door.

Odd they have not bothered to follow across the floor.

Round the hall. Down the stairs.

Hearing it again.

A gasp of air. A breath of sighs.

An angel passing by?

Shrugging and curious she steps into the light.

Surrounded by a glorious Love, she cannot hide.

The animals have followed her.

Quietly standing by.

As she sees the angels standing by her side.

2020 đź’• Carrie

Image credit for today’s images, Momentz by Mark photography. For more of Mark’s work, visit him at

Mostly Tripping Up

We are ascending rapidly at the moment.

Ahead of me I see others gracefully, skillfully,

Rising up. Elegantly flowing to their highest potential.

I admire them. Long, at times, to gracefully flow as well.

Yet, here I am. Tripping rapidly. Stopping at times to catch my breath.

Laughing, with the others who are around me, as we, sort of, gracefully ascend.

Sharing stories that used to be. Sharing dreams that might become.

Living life as we can. A group of one. Rising up to our highest potential.

Even if we trip up once in a while. Laughing at our blunders.

Embracing all the glorious, messy, and poignant moments along the way.