Chocolate and Fruit

Looking for a friendship that nourishes and comforts. Lifts the soul.

Brings a whole self into the mix. Preferably with common things.

Like funky socks, poetry, puns, and odd facts. Many unspoken silences

to fill the gaps. Full of laughter and surprises. Fun and kindness, too.

Looking for that friendship that goes well with chocolate and fruit.


Why Can’t I Crave Beets?

Oh, body and mind.

When will you align?

So I may crave the foods

that bring me health.

Prosperity of digestion.

Aide in my well being.

Instead the mind says…

Give me donuts with cream filling and chocolate icing.

Cookies and loads of cake! Ice cream for breakfast.

Dessert at every meal.

If I give in, my body will say

it cannot do anything today as it feels too ick.

So here I am, in the middle of this.

Wondering if it is at all possible

to crave beets! 
Maybe some spinach?

A healthy salad? A smoothie or humus?

I know if I don’t give in someday this will be possible.

Until now…what can I do?

Sit here ignoring the two.

Placating the mind with dark chocolate,

dessert humus, and healthy alternative foods.
While feeding the body with all that it needs

to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

Oh, why can I not crave beets!

In all honesty I do sometimes crave beets. I’m weird like that. 

More often I crave desserts and sugary foods. Sugar and I don’t get along as well as we used to. I need to be mindful of how much I consume. Which really should be none. Yet I try to go for moderation so I can have a few sweets.

Until next time:

Love and blessings, đź’•Carrie


The Breath Inside of Me.

Holding space and room to grow.

Finding all one needs to know.

Crouching low.

Then in passing, I let it go.

Goodbyes have happened time and again.

Brought to the surface a new friend.

Through it all, I keep searching

For the one who compliments and respects

me for me and nothing less.