Breathe. Until Now.

Open to a world she never saw before.

Shining and glistening. Should she try to explore?

Maybe just a little. One toe at a time. Dipped into this new world.

Tapped into infinite time. Exploring all the realms of life. As if,

they could exist. Open to the possibility of life beyond all of this.

Spoken in a time of need. Faith has brought her here.

Broken at the threshold. Open at the door. Wide and vast is the abundance.

The light and laughter carry on. Small little steps are tossed aside for a full on run.

Arms outstretched. Wide to all of it! Calling to those who shine. Come along! The water’s fine!


Dream Big. Bigger. Huge.

The world flows from your fingertips.

The very golden light abounds. Abundance is yours to have.

Ask. It will be found. Keep it shining. Keep it bright.

Sparkle everyday. Shine your joy. Shine your light.

Bigger everyway.


Abundance In All I See

Crying in the midday sun. Arms are stretched up high.

The cry is full of joy and truth as abundance falls from the sky.

I saw it in a vision. Fought like hell to keep it down. Then the magic

was revealed. All felt gloriously profound. Held up in arms. Pulled from the heart.

Abundance everywhere! All the glory! All the truth! Falling through the air!

May you be blessed with abundance in all you see.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


I Want More, Too

You came to me 
Wanting more things,
More stuff.
Exasperating me.

I do understand the desire for more,
But what I long for 
Is not in a store.

I want more
More fun,
More love.

I want more
Slow walks,
Long talks,
More love.

I want more
More sunsets,
More love.

I want more, too!
Not more stuff.

I Want More, Too. was originally published on Carried Forth on July 28, 2019.
I was scanning the archives here at and felt this poem reflected my ever present life with kids. They are abundant in many ways. Never lacking. Yet, like most of us mortals, they always want more. I understand. At the same time, it really is tough to have to be the one to say ‘No’ all the time. (err…most of the time. 😉😏) As the poem states, I always want more, too. As I grow my more becomes less material, although I do like my material things, and more about the feeling or being of life. I totally could be blissed out on a beautiful sky anyday! As always, love and blessings, 💕 Carrie 2020

Sunshine And Promises

Golden rays of opportunity. Speckled dust motes of glittering, shimmering clouds

float through the sun rays. Showing the air that tickles our noses. Reminding one 

we should dust, but the sun beacons us outside. Sighs emerge in the fragrant air.

Hair tickles the noses when the breeze passes by. We enjoy this simple life.

We find pleasure and abundance in our world. As spring unfolds, so do we.

Uncurling from winters grey days, into the sun, blue skies, warmer rays of light. It

meshes with the vibrant breeze, fragrant blooms, bird song. Our hearts reach to the heavens in joy. We 

are born again this day. Everyday. Every moment. Brand new, unless we choose to stay the same.

How can the stale winter keep us from expanding in the beautiful spring? It cannot. It will not.

Because we will not let it. Bye staleness, we are emerging into the light today. Choosing to breath in

fragrant air to fill our beings. The rays of the sun to wash us. The new to unfold, as it may.

Infinitely Abundant

Mini moments full of laugh.

Pause for breathe, still at last.

Sinking in a bubbly bliss.

Gentle waves lap feet with salty kiss.

Moved to smile at the setting sun.

Life will sleep. A new day will become.

Full of more infinite abundance.

Full of more life. More love. More…

It Will Be Clear

The path is opening wider up ahead.

The width is vast, wide, meadow land.

Prosperity and abundance dance together there.

In this land of higher levels, golden rays percolate.

Souls revel in the magic and delight that is.

Mist rises, rainbows appear, trees glow with life.

Abundance is in everything. Gratitude is breath.

Love glows mightily, brightly bouncing off the souls of everything.

In that moment, it will be clear, forever more.

Gathering What Is Needed

There will be an overflow.
An abundance.
More than one can use.
Gather it.
Store it.
The future may need
The extras,
The overflow,
The abundance of today.
Gather it and store it.
Share it.
Some years there maybe little.
Some years way too much.
Sometimes just enough.
Whatever the outcome.
Whatever the supply.
There will always be a need to gather.