2020 Farewell

You end after today.

I have to say,

this is a year that strengthened faith.

Brought together and kept apart

all I care for in my heart.

It opened up a world I knew

could use a bit more love, it’s true.

So with a grateful heart I bid adu.

2021 you will be new.

What you bring I do not know.

With grace and ease you will flow.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

Mildly Amusing

2019 Goodbye.

Goodbye to all the lessons, the laughter and the tears.

Goodbye to all the blessings, the heartache, and the fears.

Goodbye. Goodbye.

For dawning in a day

A new, and brilliant surprise.

2020 will find us mildly surprised, mildly amused, but not mildly alive.

For breath will be stronger. Words will carry us on.

Love will keep the rivers flowing. The world will be quite fond.