Forever And A Day.

The present moment stretched out

forever and a day. I felt

it in my bones, my being, all of me

felt this way. Connected to everything.

Separate no more. What shall I do with it?

I ask. I feel sure. But my mind takes over.

Carries me back to a reality. I feel myself kick and scream.

I want nothing. Nothing but to feel, forever and a day

as One with all around. Until that can be done. I practice,

continuously. Forever and a day.



Quietly over. The moment has passed.

Completely finished. Did it really last?

How do we move now? Where shall we go?

Open our hearts some and accept what’s no more.

Forgiveness is not forgetting. It’s accepting love for all.

It’s a quiet calmness. A loving guide to home.


Watching You Turn

It’s never a competition

the maples changing from green to red.

No, they merrily go about it day by day.

In their own way.

One brightly adorned in his finest reds.

While Miss Maple quietly watches.

Blushing red in slower stages.

All getting there as they need to.


I Woke.

I woke to star dust

drifting across the pages.

I woke to golden light

glistening along the pavement.

I woke to tea brewed

steaming in brightly colored mugs.

I woke to dragonflies

dancing across the ceiling.

I woke.
I woke to leaves rustling

colorful across the worn path.

I woke to symphonies of birds

calling me to explore all I heard.

I woke to everything.

Even the dirt.

I woke.
I woke to gooseflesh

shivering across my bones.

I woke to miracles

disguised as pain.

I woke to unicorns

living wild in the clouds of pastoral bliss.

I woke

to this.

I woke.
I woke to moments of breathing

air that needed cleaning.

I woke to sparkling diamonds

glistening on grasses in the morning sun.

I woke to serving a higher, loving One

holding arms open to all who ask to live in grace.

I woke.

I woke.

I woke.


I woke.

2020 Carried Forth

Wooly Bear

Although you look so soft and fuzzy.

You really are a bit prickly.

Fast when your cruising the trails.

Creating giggles as you climb in our hands.

We always enjoy seeing one of you.

Wildlife we can hold for a moment or two.

The kids always get excited when they see a wooly bear. They saw three on this hike. Each one picked up and examined. 

One even had eyebrows. Which we still giggle about.

Even the smallest creatures can bring such joy.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Nature Art.

What beauty nature brings.

Spectacular art from fallen leaves.

Scattered acorns on the ground.

Beautiful art all around.

I love the maple leaf in this photo. He looks as if he is posing. 🙂 

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie