Breakfast With God

I envisioned crapes and berries.

Veggie omelettes and juice.

Pulling out the chair beside you,

I found my favorite tea.

Berries and grapefruit.

Chocolate for a sweet.

You sat with you hands clasped.

Smelling of earth and rain.

Something else familiar,

But hard to explain.

You ate toast

with butter.

Cut at an angle.

I waited for something profound.

It felt like a dream.

Warm fluffy blankets and cozy sunsets.

You spoke of nothing one would think of as important,

But it felt good to converse.

Your eyes sparkled.

We both laughed at the bird waving by the window.

It felt like home.

I really missed home.

The laughter.

The warmth.

The home I kept trying to create here,

but missing it. Muddling it.

Until the longing was so fierce. I called for you.

You answered. We ate and conversed.

I felt whole again.

I trotted off to create that home I always wanted to.

Driving For Me

That moment when the car

pulls off the main road

takes the scenic route to 

the unknown, or slightly known.

It’s freeing and stomach clenching

all at once. God asked 

for a favor. Saying yes is a no brainer,

but the favor is beyond any comfort zone.

It feels like outer space

until the breath is remembered.

Breath in. Breath out.

Alive and well.

He knows I can do this

so here goes. Driving for me.

God’s in the passenger seat.

The sun warm through the open windows.

The birds are loud in the trees.

The road, slightly unknown,

still speaks of dreams.

Drift Away

Held fast. Crushing. Breathing was hard.

Until it wasn’t.

Drifted away on a moment of laughter.

Somedays, it drifted away on the teardrop.

Other days, it drifted away on fast feet. Running from nothing,

but shadows of the past.

Everytime. It drifted away.

This moment too, shall pass.

The Moments

Sometimes I am reminded of the moments

which come at me so fierce I laugh in surprise.

Like the time the cat hurried into the hallway

at the same time as I. He jumped in surprise.

His tail bushing like a squirrel’s tail. I laughed.

He looked indigent for a moment. Walking by twitching his tail

with his head held high. Glacing back long enough

for me to see the glint in his eye.

Laughing, he was. So was I.