Forgotten Verse

Two rows. Three lines. Forgotten verse.

Intense. Sublime. First.

A first. Frosted. Cold. Drafted that day.

Held the whole world. Words he did say.

Speak lightly. Tread softly. Always care.

For you. For me. For all.

Two rows. Three lines. Forgotten verse.

It was terse. It was terse.

When Life Gives You…

When life gives you lemons, girl, you make lemonade. She said matter of factly, as she ground the lemon half in the citrus press. The room filled with the sour tang of lemons bringing her back to childhood. Back to the front porch where the neighbors all gathered to gossip and drink mamas lemonade.

Shaking the image out of her mind she sliced the lemon in wedges. Eating each with delicate nibbles. Scrunched face. Forcing the bitter fruit down. Convincing herself that it was good. Afterall, lemons detoxify the body.

Blinking rapidly to force the present she tossed the rotten lemon in the trash.Drove to the grocery. Bought a whole bag of lemons. At home she sliced each in perfect halves. Squashing them in satisfying bitter juice from the press. Pouring it all in a sparkling pitcher. Adding a bag, or less, of sugar to compliment the bitterness. Served up with cookies and laughter. Traces of memory dancing through her mind.

Always trying to move forward when life gives her. What? Lessons. Opportunity. Choices. Seeing it all. Past, present, future. Unfolded in front of her eyes. Eyes that long to fall on beauty and grace. Smiling faces. Ears that long to hear melodies. Music so sweet gooseflesh appears.
She digressed again. The longing so old it comforts. Like the well worn blanket tossed in the back of the chair. The lemon press in her hand, old and used. Still producing bitter juice sweetened with sugar. Smells  of summer, laughter, and sunshine. Cut grass and bird song. Holding memories in the reservoir. Golden liquid full of blessed memories. Sighs and longings. Laughs and tears.

When life gives you…

Pull Up A Chair

Come over here.

Pull up a chair.

Your not going anywhere.

So pull up a chair.

I have a word or two.

A message that is brand new.

Get comfortable, take off your shoes

Pull up a chair, too.

Lean in close and pay attention.

We are paused for this intervention.

Giving the world a chance to mention

As we sit in our detention.

Pull up a chair and listen.

The birds are singing and whistling.

The world’s still spinning.

Pull up a chair and listen.

Amid The Changes

Amid the changes; comfort is found

in  knowing that somethings stay around.

The worn out jokes we like to toss back and forth.

The eye roll worthy phrases we use to crack a joke.

It comforts me in this time of need

To have the past provide, a little sample of our love to feed

our souls tonight.