The Wizard

With a snap of his fingers,
A flick of his wrist,
He created a million dollars.
It appeared in a mist.

Eyes wide, mouths a gap,
We sat there not breathing,
Or thinking. Marveling how?

Then with a nod,
He said, "Go on, now."

Dispersing to the streets.
We snapped our fingers.
We flicked our wrists,
But nothing appeared.
Not even mist.

Years passed.
As they do.
We learned and thought.
Grew and grew.

Passing the town square one day.
We saw the wizard
In full display!

He snapped his fingers.
Flicked his wrist.
Created diamonds out of mist!

Looking at him with skeptical eyes,
We walked over, to talk to him.
Ask why he would trick these men.

'A trick?' He laughed.
'Tis not.

A trick implies what you saw was a lie.'

We tried it ourselves.
It did not work.

'Did you think it would?'

'Well, no!'

'Then that's why.'

Eyes open, mouths wide,
Why, oh why, did we even try?

He must be playing another trick,
A mind game, that is.

'Belief is a must.' He said.

'Use your mind to believe
And worlds you will create.
These diamonds are small compared
To what you can change.
If you believe,
It all falls into place.'

Rainy Day

Wash away.
Rainy day.
Let us say goodbye.
To the sun
As it has begun.
There is darkness in the sky.

Rainy day.
Wash away.
The remaining debris.
Help us curl up
With warm tea in our cup.
Let us be free.

Wash away.
Rainy day.
Until all is clear.
Take the sun.
Leave the fun.
Wash away the fear.

Rainy day.
Your welcome to stay
As long as is needed.
Then we can say goodbye.
Welcome bluer skies.
Enjoy the sun, feel completed.

Thank you all for reading. Hope you all have a blessed day.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie 2019

It Comes Around

There is no beginning.
There is no end.
It all comes back,
To circle around.
Spiral us up,
Or knock us down.
It all happens.
Round and round.
The days will move differently.
We promise you this
When you get a handle
In this little bit.


Radiate it out.
Pull it in.
Sparkle for the world.
Shine from your skin.

Only then will the world come around.
Sparkling diamonds.
Love all around.

So if you are feeling down,
It all comes around.

The joy will resurface.
The light will emerge.
The dark days do end.
You have our word.

Love and blessings to you. 💕 Carrie 2019

My Grateful World

In the quiet of the moonlight,
stars twinkle bright,
capturing my gaze.
I feel so small under the canopy of stars,
but I am so big in your world.

Your tiny hand reaches for mine.
You gaze toward the sky.
A brief moment of quiet embraces us.
For a rare moment,
you are speechless.
I relish the quiet,
gulping it in as I breathe.

The moment passes,
the questions start again.
The endless chatter.
The music of your voice fills the night air.
You giggle over something you just said.
Oh, how magical that giggle is.

I smile.
The quiet was fleeting,
the chatter,
the giggles,
and those speechless moments,
all come together to fill my world.

My grateful world.