Through The Eyes Of Love

May You always see yourself through the eyes of love.

May you always feel yourself through the times of tough.

May you always choose to dance, sing, and skip through life.

May you always see yourself through the eyes of love.

May you find mountains exhilarating to climb.

May you look at the stars, and see their brilliance shine.

May you always see the rainbows life brings.

May you always shine as brightly as you were meant to be.

May you always fill your life with so much laughter you sides might burst.

May you lend a hand to those who truly need you most.

May you always see the need to pray to God above.

May you always see yourself through the eyes of love.

Those Moments

The ones that try to steal the magic.

The ones that try to steal the joy.

Those moments where the madness tries to sink it’s teeth into me.

I don’t want those moments, any more than others do.

I just want the peace and love. The quiet soothing, too.

Yet those moments exist for what it’s worth.

To cultivate gratitude and give new dreams birth.

So I will endure those moments as best as I can.

Always waiting for them to pass with the lesson I needed to learn.

Upon the passing I can say the day will be all the brighter.

Thank you God for those moments that cause me to lean more towards the light.

You Sat On Me!

Plop. Down like a brick.

Ouch. Man, that was quick!

You giggled that giggle that warms and melts souls.

I braced for the numbness to pass.

Did I mention how heavy and hard you plopped down?

Ouch. But that’s okay. Because you are growing everyday.

Very soon. It won’t be cool. To plop on mom’s lap. 

So I will take it. Enjoy the moment. For as long as it will last.

Because those moments always pass. Leaving me with the reverberation of your laugh.

Hoping I was present enough to soak in all the details that make being your mom so very rewarding.

The Chickens

They run around excited to find 

Bugs and grubs and grasses.

They call their friends to share

The meal. Unless it’s noodles

Then all bets are off!

They run and duck.

Dodge and dive.

With a noodle stringing behind.

A hen in hot pursuit.

Trying to get the loot.

It’s comical and entertaining.

Everyone should see.

The stakes are high.

The noodles fly.

Until there are none left to eat.

Then back to the bugs, the grubs, and the grasses.

Looking serene and content.

Upon The Banks

near the waters’ edge

ever closer to the point were the ocean

touches souls

where the sand is hard and soft

the breeze is refreshingly salty

and the birds skitter in and out of the surf

in a dance with the water

always keeping their eye on the prize

they call lunch

a heart could get lost here

or found soothed to the rhythm of the waves

ever present in the moment as nature speaks her language

gently to the soul the heart the essence 

God Smells

Yes. God smells.

He smells like pine sap,

lemonade and fresh rain.

He smells like chocolate cake.

Like miracles that Grandma’s bake.

God smells like babies, kittens, and spice.

He smells like everything nice.

Old spice and candy canes.

Fresh snow and ocean rains.

He smells like apples ripening in the sun.

Fresh mowed grass.

Summer fun.

Yes, God smells like everything miraculous and ordinarily mundane.

He smells like hope and dreams, if they smelled like anything.

Most of all, God smells of sunshine and roses.

All the good things we breathe through our noses.

Yes. God smells.