Bringing Up Joy

She was raised on sunshine, rainbows, and moonbeams. 

Hearts full of wonder, she left to find her dreams. 

The road was paved in many things, from gold, to stardust, to dirt. 

She found it all enchanting. 

Enlivened by the breadth of life. 

Her love had shone on and on, until the last had come. 

She layed her head upon the earth and spoke that she was done. 

The flowers rose around her. 

The bird sang heartily. 

Animals and fairies stopped to have their say. 

She quietly received them. 

Smiling as they say, 

how much her very life had brought sunshine to their day.

Peek-a-boo Heart.

The heart is playing peek-a-boo

with our sight today.

Can we see beyond what our eyes have to say?

Can we see the sunrise for its quiet, waken breath?

Can we see the moonrise for its shining, shimmering ascent?

Can we see the bird song, the breath the grasses breathe?

Our heart has opened up today.

Can we truly see?

Under The Apple Tree

Grazing quite contently

under the apple tree.

The unicorn has startled me!

Not by its shear size.

Which is rather immense.

He startled me by his presence.

For I had come to believe

He was myth. A fantasy!

Yet here he stands in front of me!

Grazing quite contently,

Under the apple tree.


The day has a special rhythm.

A music all it’s own.

The gentle whistle of wing beats.

The glittering chimes of sun beams.

The trickle of water soaking through the ground.

A beautiful gurgling of the stream passing through town.

The symphony of clapping leaves as the wind gently blows.

I pause to hear the music nature has composed.