Fire And Ash

Burns so brightly

The light inside us.

Never entirely going out.

Never extinguished.

Never stomped out.

Always burning.

Add the fuel of your choice.

Dance, write, paint, play, laugh.

It’s all the same.

It will all turn the ash to fire blazing bright.

Live fully in every moment.

As if dying were not an option,

But a choice that we would make when

A time came to fully embrace the ash.

Let the fire burn brightly

For all to see.

Give life your all.

This poem and others like it can be found in Fire Will Feed You by Carrie Sutej. Available on Amazon for kindle or in print. Check it out. 🙂

Only Time Will Tell

Time, it speaks in rhymes

I cannot hear.

Words of nonsense

I cannot fear.

Time, it speaks in moments gone.

In forever after this moment on.

If time will only tell,

I fear I cannot hear it well.

As I place my dreams upon

The moment now

Not a moment gone.

The Pines And Stones

Across the expanse of shore

The pines grew. Tall and small. Fragrant.

Swaying, gently in the breeze.

Her toes curled in the cool water.

The smooth stones shone in the early light.

Gleaming like more precious stones

as the water moved over them.

Ebbed and flowed. The waves rolled calmly in.

The soft hum of birds as they woke filled the air.

She was sure that heaven would be like this.

Calm and warm. Soothing. Sensual. Beautiful. Natural.

Smelling of pine trees and ocean breeze.

Magic Lasts

Golden sparkles of shear light fluttered from his eyes.

She wanted nothing more than to know what lies behind.

He said to feel the golden glow. To breathe light everyday.

She must die a death. Kill the past. Kill the future. 

Let it die away.
Live for this moment now. You’ll find your spark that way.
She thought it sounded wonderful. Practicing she did.

Felt the glory of a moment. Wrapped in eternal bliss.

Yet holding it. Was fleeting. It hardly lasted long.

Those beautiful moments she longed for. Had gone.
Back to his side. She said how it worked.

He laughed a little and explained 

The past for her was alive again.

You cannot recreate a moment that has past.

Stay here in this moment

where the magic always lasts.

It Sat There

Leaning on the edge 

of the sidewalk 

the photo, 

framed and curling, 

was not in its right place. 

He leaned forward to pick it up. 

A girl smiled back at him. 


blue eyes 

and a brilliantly shining smile. 

He wondered 

where she was. 

Who she was. Why 

her photo was leaning 

against the sidewalk. 

Or maybe left behind?