As It Is.

Calm is the water.

Calm is the mind.

Noticing reflections standing for all time.

Creating a world that is,

and one that is reflected back.

Calm the water. Calm the mind.

It is all clear in divine right time.

There is something magical and mysterious found in the reflections on the water and in the soul. 

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Is that?!

I am almost certain my face and posture where the same.

He is saying is that a human?

Me? I was squinting. Trying to see.

Is that a bluebird, who landed by me?

We both twist and crane. Looking the same.

Except he’s in blue and orange. I’m in drab grey

with pink shoes. I did not plan to go out today.

Nature called. I answered. Here we are it seems.

Both looking. Both here. On this lovely day.

Isn’t he lovely. 😍 

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Forever And A Day.

The present moment stretched out

forever and a day. I felt

it in my bones, my being, all of me

felt this way. Connected to everything.

Separate no more. What shall I do with it?

I ask. I feel sure. But my mind takes over.

Carries me back to a reality. I feel myself kick and scream.

I want nothing. Nothing but to feel, forever and a day

as One with all around. Until that can be done. I practice,

continuously. Forever and a day.



Quietly over. The moment has passed.

Completely finished. Did it really last?

How do we move now? Where shall we go?

Open our hearts some and accept what’s no more.

Forgiveness is not forgetting. It’s accepting love for all.

It’s a quiet calmness. A loving guide to home.


Watching You Turn

It’s never a competition

the maples changing from green to red.

No, they merrily go about it day by day.

In their own way.

One brightly adorned in his finest reds.

While Miss Maple quietly watches.

Blushing red in slower stages.

All getting there as they need to.