Brilliantly Beautiful Soul

Soul you are brilliantly beautiful

In all your faucets, dimensions, and lights.

You are so brilliantly beautiful

In your quest to shine despite.

Despite the naysayers, the questioners,

The unseeking finger pointers,

You shine your light and seek the truth,

Your truth,

With every step you take.

Soul, you ARE brilliantly beautiful,

Wholely magnificent,

And worthy of many lifetimes,

Here and beyond. So shine on. Shine on.

Brilliantly Beautiful Soul.

Night Morning

He called it night morning

The dusky ending of the day.

The part when the sun, quietly tucks away.

He called it night morning

Because it is like the dawn.

The lighting is the same.

The spirit feels this calm.

He called it night morning

In his wise six years.

Explained so elegantly.

Poetic music to the ears.

Now forever etched into my brain

A beautiful sunset, night morning, it’s all the same.