Waking Up

The world is still. The morn quiet. All is still waking up.

From the perch the hawk looks on. Waiting for the movement. The dawn.

It is coming soon. Arriving fast. The waking happens, at last.

Forever watching. Overlooking it all. The hawk see movement, so small.

Gliding over. Reaching fast. Hawk is patient. He is nourished. Full at last.

Surrounded By

Enveloped in the warmth of wooded country side

She walks quietly by. Surrounded by

the old wisdom, whispered in the fallen leaves.

Greeted by the trees, the butterfly, the birds, and

thee. A couple, wise and steady. Coming together for the season.

Walking through the woods. Communing with those willing to listen. listen.

Greetings. She calls out. He snorts his acknowledgement,

never taking his eyes off her, yet keenly aware of the other presence.

She offers an acorn as a token for her visit. Accepted. They all move on. The couple to their destination. The women to her’s.

Meeting again once more to acknowledge the new born fawn. The newest keeper of the forest. Surrounded by love.

On The Eve Of Thanksgiving

Gobbling tomorrow,
But today we have to run.
Get a turkey.
stuff it up.
Make a million dishes.
Cut and chop.
Prep, prep, prep.
For tomorrow we eat, nonstop.

Not entirely true, but Thanksgiving has it’s stereotypes, too. Many thanks to all my readers and followers may you have a blessed day. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Happy day to all.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie