Follow A Dream

It was mystical.
A bit magical.
Maybe a little radical.
Yet it lit up her soul.
The very fact of doing it.
Achieving it.
Dreaming of it.
Made her feel whole.
Was it going to be as enjoyable
Once it was achieved?
Maybe it would satisfy
The following of her dream.
Yes, it would satisfy.
The accomplishment.
The dream.
It would satisfy,
And lead to more dreams.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie

What Is It?

The sparkle in his eye.
The glowing light in her smile.
The satisfied knowing life works out somehow.

What is it?
How can it be achieved?

Simply by being me?

Who am I?
What is me?

A version of a very happy dream.
Someone who loves.
Who cares.
Who tries to be her, everywhere.

Someone who would rather
Observe than be in front.
Someone who wants to laugh,
To love.

Someone who has the sparkle,
Who might forget it once in a while.
Someone who is here, right now.


Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie

Carried On A Wing

Faith should be more complicated
When we sit and think about it.
Yet it is naturally easy.
Like breathing.
One does not need to think of it.
It comes easy.
When practiced.
It comes to us when we need it most.
It comes to us when we face our ghosts.
It comes to us over night time scares.
It comes to us when we do not care.

Faith, carried on a wing.
Flown to greater heights.
Sores above our own awareness
To accomplish everything we need
In this moment and beyond.

No faith can be replaced.
Yet we should be wise to feed and nurture faith.
As it is what will move mountains.
And carry them away on a wing.

Love and blessings. 💕Carrie 2019