You happily follow us
As we explore the yard.
You are never far away.
Never perched for long.
Watching us.
Then singing your song.
Always present.
Never gone.
Some say you are nosy.
Waiting in the bush
For juicy gossip,
I, for one, don't buy it
Your a guardian,
I know.
Watching over us.
Guiding us.
Calling in the reinforcements.
Adding humor to our day.
Thank you for choosing us
To build your home near.
To raise your young
And raise us up.
As your presence
Oh guardian, forever seerer,
Watch us as we play.
Catbird you hold a special place
In our hearts.
We pray you come back some day.


We meet in passing
As if a breeze went by.
Glancing briefly
Smiling and nodding, Hi.

We meet briefly
In line at the grocery.
Passing an odd comment
About the new line of tea.

We meet more often
For dinner or dessert
At our favorite restaurant
When you wear your favorite shirt.

We meet more frequently
No real plans only talk
About nothing and everything
In the park for a walk.

We meet at the door
Everyday when you come home
Telling me about your day
Enjoying in our time alone.

Connections happen
Big or small
It's really all the same.