Freezing Rain Or Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights. Everything about them. I love. Yet I do not string them outside. I have reasons.I do not feel like explaining. Regardless. I had a moment yesterday were I longed for things to be different enough that I could string fairy lights around my yard.

I woke to this world. Natural fairy lights without the work of stringing them. Thank you universe. You never ceases to amaze and delight.

It feels like an early Christmas present. Thank you.

Flutter Bye

Passing above my head.
What was that?, I said.
Movement to the right of me.
Really, could it be?
Yes, It is! A butterfly!
In Autumn? How? Why?
A Google search, what do you know.
The American Cooper. He's quite the show.
Lives in these parts until late Autumn.
What a pleasure to have saw him.

On The Eve Of Thanksgiving

Gobbling tomorrow,
But today we have to run.
Get a turkey.
stuff it up.
Make a million dishes.
Cut and chop.
Prep, prep, prep.
For tomorrow we eat, nonstop.

Not entirely true, but Thanksgiving has it’s stereotypes, too. Many thanks to all my readers and followers may you have a blessed day. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. Happy day to all.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie