Lighten Up.

In an effort to add more laughter and joy to my days, I have set an intention to invite in more laughter.

Anyone reading this who sets intentions will know how powerful and delightful it is to do. 

Anyway, I was reminded yesterday I was not being very intentional in creating laughter. I asked to let in more laughter, and I found my youngest son’s magnetic spider. (Or rather, it found me as it almost got vacuumed up.)

Those of you who know me, might be aware that he and I have an on going prank with the fake toy spiders. We love using this magnetic one because, although not very life-like, it sticks to places where in dim lightning it can cause one to jump.

I immediately stuck it to the light switch, and continued on with the day.

My son came home from school. Did not notice the spider until I asked him to turns the lights off. 

The funny part of the prank…I scared myself about eight times yesterday. 

So like most days, I am pranking myself, finding light and laughter in the moments. Even when they do not go as planned. 😂

I lighten up and invite in laughter, even when it’s at my own expense.

As with anything humorous…you probably should have been there. 😉

Love and light to you readers,

Carrie ❤

A Letter I Will Not Send; Was Received.

Dear, dear me,

I acknowledge you. I see you. I am grateful for you. 

I ask that you show up more fully in life. Show up with more joy and laughter. 

I ask that you show up with more love, not only for those you come in contact with, but for yourself. Love you. Love your ability to see the beauty, before you notice the mud. Love your ability to find beauty in the mud.

Love your ability to be always and forever grateful, even when; especially when, you are working towards a solution. No matter how small or big the opportunity is, you tackle it with as much gusto as you can summon.

Sure that gusto looks different each day, because it is different. Each day is different. Because each day should change.

Change is a good thing. It is what launches the best adventures, the most golden opportunities, and the most joyous results. When you choose to embrace it.

Big changes are always coming. You will always make it past them. Start embracing them. Joyously seeking the changes. Openly receive the changes. For you deserve the best life possible. 

To receive that best life, you must let go. Open your heart. Breath deeply. Surrender to the universe. Trust.

In the trust, you will find, the most delicious, loving, and joyous life.

Free from all that ails you. Free to live fully in the moment you choose.

You are now free. Live. Be love. Embrace love. Shine brightly and boldly. For the whole universe has your back, and the universe is not going anywhere.

Truly and forever yours,


Grateful And Thankful

There are times when things are not what they appear to be. Something changes. Goes away. We learn to live with it anyway. Yet there is a gaping hole. An opening, not quite full. Where or what will fill it up? It’s up to us to fill our cup. So we have been told. Lean into the power of letting it all go. Praying for a miracle. Grateful and thankful to still be alive. For in that kind of magic, blessings come through. Restoration is achieved. We are lifted and present in the spirit of God.

Freezing Rain Or Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights. Everything about them. I love. Yet I do not string them outside. I have reasons.I do not feel like explaining. Regardless. I had a moment yesterday were I longed for things to be different enough that I could string fairy lights around my yard.

I woke to this world. Natural fairy lights without the work of stringing them. Thank you universe. You never ceases to amaze and delight.

It feels like an early Christmas present. Thank you.