This came up for me in a meditation when I was asking for my word of the year. For the past five years I have received a word of the year. Last year my word came during meditation. Previous years, I did not meditate, so the words trickled in by other means. All presented often enough to catch my attention.

I have to say, being far enough on this journey to start asking for my word is rather delightful.

Yes, I realize it is only October, but my year starts at the beginning of November, on my birthday. So, I am planning ahead. I really need to remember that the answers come faster every time I ask. Of course, always presenting in divine perfect timing, so my asking more than likely was influenced by the universe anyway.

On to my word of the year, and what I need to do to learn it. Compassion. I have it in spades where animals, strangers, acquaintances, my kids, and others are concerned. Where I lack compassion, is for myself.

Now, knowing what I learned from past years, the word will evolve in ways that are very surprising as I go about the year. I also feel as if this word will not be with me the entire year. It feels like, for lack of a better explanation, a mini lesson. So I will see where it takes me, and what new gifts I will find along the way.

How will I evolve with compassion?

Do any of you have a word of the year? Or even a word of the day or month?

Love and blessings to you, 💕 Carrie

Joyously Chasing Rainbows

The storm was moving in. The sun was shining at the moment, but the clouds beyond were dark, almost black. She knew this would be a good storm for rainbows afterward. She only needed to wait out the storm.

The house was full of laughter as they waited for the storm to end. Waiting patiently to see if it would end in time to get outside before bed. It looked promising. The sky in the distance showed blue. The sun was starting to peek out.

Let’s start looking for the rainbows! I see sun. There could be a rainbow!

And there was…

It quickly became two rainbows. Changed again to one. Then disappeared to reappear in a different spot. Even more glorious then the one before!

Her heart filled with wonder at the quickly changing sky. Watching as the rainbows disappeared completely. Replaced by the sun and blue skies. As if the storm did not happen.

Based on a true story.

May your days be full of wonder, joy, and blessings.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie

The Last Day of This Season

Goodbye. It was fun.
Frolicking in the sun.
Staying up late. Watching the stars.
Soaking up the rays, filling our hearts.
Goodbye, Summer.
You will be fondly remembered.

Get out the sweaters, long sleeves, and jackets.
Start sharpening the knives for those Jack 'o lanterns.
Look to the trees as they show their true colors.
Marvel at the geese and ducks traveling far.
Look to the skies, the air is crisp.
Grab a warm drink. Take a long sip.
Prepare today, for the new season to come.
Prepare for the newness and more fun.
Let the last day of summer slip by.
We will see you next year, for now it's goodbye.

I absolutely love the change of the seasons. Especially spring and fall. There is so much that changes on a daily basis during these two seasons, I absolutely love it!

My favourite part is the birds. All of the geese and ducks flying over. The hawks that stop by for a day or two as they travel on. The many songbirds that visit. Sometimes I even spot a bird that is fairly rare for our area. Those sightings are like gold.

Nature never ceases to amaze me and delight me.

Goodbye, Summer. We did have a lot of fun and laughter.

Hello, fall. Let us see how you unfold. I feel you are full of lots of promise.

Love and blessings lovely readers. May you have a wonderful end of the season. 💕 Carrie

P.S. The photo feature today is our cats bird watching. It felt appropriate since bird watching is one of my favorite parts this time of year.

Days of Unrest

My soul feels restless. My attitude sucks. For lack of a better description, I feel like a jerk. Irritated at myself and just plain annoyed.

This is not the true me, or my usual norm, yet here I am.

Crappy attitude and all. Feeling like I should blog as it always helps me. It helps to lift my spirits when I write of all the magical things that life has to offer, but in this mood, I cannot write that way.

I could fake it and post something inspiring, but I would know it was fake. Anyone who is intuitive would feel the fake. Truth is, I do not like fake.

So, here I am, in my not so glorious mood, writing my thoughts out so maybe something will lift. If not, there is always tomorrow.

Always a new day. A fresh start. Maybe I should call it a night. Say good night, and look forward to the next day.

Love to you fellow bloggers and readers. May your days be illuminous. May the magic stay alive. May each day be full of wonder, laughter, and love.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie

This Side of Heaven

This side of heaven
The sky is our anchor
The moon and the stars our alignment
The earth our guide

This side of of heaven
The trees whisper guidance
The wind calms our nerves
The grass is our anchor

This side of heaven
Voices are strong
Emotions are guidance
Loves all around

This side of heaven
The heart opens up
The eyes see the magic
The world shines so much

This side of heaven
The fun has begun
The joy in the moment
The breath on the tongue

This side of heaven
Fear does not exist
Quiet moments are pleasure
Laughter is quick

This side of heaven
Although we miss you so much
We see you in the sun, moon, and stars
We hear your laughter
We feel your touch

This side of heaven
Love is enough

The Balancing Act

Life is one giant balancing act. Once all of the cards are stacked; a wind comes to knock them down. Which, depending on one’s views, can be frustrating or enjoyable. I see it from either perspective, depending on how my frame of mind is at the moment.

When I am consciously choosing thoughts that feel good. When I am ensuring that I choose harmony and love whenever and wherever I am. Life flows easily. I see the cards fall, and I am okay with that, as I know this is a necessary change.

I do not always do what I know I should. I sometimes get stuck on a thought or a belief that is not positive. I am working, everyday, to change that.

I find it interesting. The more I learn about mindfulness and consciousness the more I see how, as a child this was my nature. I can go back and see how that nature eroded over time. Now, I can celebrate getting it back, and improving on it. Finding the momentum to lift up, even on days that feel as if rocket fuel is needed to blast me out of bed. I find that rocket fuel, usually in the form of an animal or something in nature, as well as a positive thought, like a good morning to myself, to lift me.

Knowing on the days when even the sunny thoughts cannot change what is happening around me, I can choose to not fall into negative thinking, helps me get through. It is powerful to know how wonderful our minds are, and how we can live a loving, happy life, if we choose to.

May you find your rocket fuel to propel you into the future you desire.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie