Here You Can Have It, God.

I brought it all to You.

Every scrap I could no longer hold onto.

I asked for sorting, organizing, changing, or tossing it all.

You smiled calmly. Gathered the scraps. Held out Your hand.

I looked perplexed at first. Looking around.

What where You asking for?

Turning around I faced the mammoth I was carrying.

 “You want this, too?”

 ” Yes. ” You waited as I decided. Could I really let THIS go?

It weighted me down. Slowed me. Held me in place.

Yet it was so familar…how could I leave it in Your hands?

Would it come back to me? Would it change anything?

 “You may have it back if, and when, you choose. I ask you to trust me. 

Let me take it from you.”

 Releasing a pent up sigh, I handed the mammoth over.

Thanking You, I walked away. Feeling much lighter. 

Wondering what would come of it.

Would I survive without it? The answer was always yes! 

So, why is it easier to hand over the tiny scraps, then it is to hand over everything?

It was everything.

The burdens, the joys, the stumbles, and the toys.

It was everything. You stood there, 

holding everything for me, as it should be.

I was free to roam where I pleased, as long as I gave back to thee.

New Beginnings All Around

Here for the offering. Here for the joy.

A new beginning. A brand new way to see the world. Enjoy!

Let it flow over you. Bring forth the light.

There is no judgement now. No bickering. No strife.

Only love. Compassion. Understanding. That is it.

Come on over to this beautiful world where God asks us to sit

with him. Take his hand. Offer up a prayer.

Ask for what you truly need. You’ll find your answer there.

Cultivating Joy

Look at the world!

Full! Full of wonder!

Full of joy!

How can one learn to employ?

It is such a simple sounding concept, cultivating joy. Yet, some days it can be very elusive. Finding joy in a moment when the day is so rushed. There is so much to do. So much…

Yet on those days, when I pause for a moment to watch a bird or gaze at the sky, I feel the joy. Deep inside. Pulling up a smile. A laugh. The lightness of it all.

It is those moments I look back on when I feel tense or stressed in the day. Because I can reflect on how one moment was full of joy.

Some days those moments are a shared laugh, the joy of completing a task, or the quiet time between the needs of the children.

All the time consciously cultivating joy through gratitude, understanding, and sheer will.

How do you cultivate joy in your life? 

What Are Your Dreams?

Are they big? Small?

Do you care about them at all?

Will they reach far and wide?

Touch the heavens? Fill the sky?

Are they for you alone? Small in scale,

But grand and grown 

with love, joy, wonder.

Could you share them with another?

Off topic for a tiny moment, this picture always brings a smile to me. It looks as if the tree is holding the moon in her thin arms.

Back to dreams, how many of us have put our dreams aside to take care of life. Not the part of life that brings joy, but the part that is required. The chores, to dos, etc.

What does it take to follow a dream? 

For me, it’s small steps. Filling my day with pieces that I enjoy, so that all the others things that are required feel more like things I choose to do, rather than things I have to do.

Sometimes, I feel it is fun to just dream. Really big! Knowing that it might not become anything more than a dream. Which is okay, because in the dreaming, it was fun.

Maybe that is why I enjoy writing so much. A lot of it can be a fantasy, which is all in good fun.

What are your dreams? Are you taking steps to achieve them, or are they a delicious distraction?

Be Still

In stillness one will see.

A quiet breath.

A quiet mind.

Bring it all to be.

How can one be still? There is always so much to be done, and so much I would like to do, how can I be still? Why take time to be stationary? At least, I used to interpret stillness that way.

I do take moments to truly be still and stationary. These moments are brief. Usually no more than fifteen minutes. The moments only run longer if I fall asleep, and yes, I have been known to fall asleep while trying to meditate. Usually because I slept poorly the night before. 

Mainly, I find that the stillness I truly need is a quiet mind which I find can be achieved doing other things that are not stationary. Walking is a great way to practice stillness in motion, as is, yoga or qi gong. I also find cleaning to be helpful as long as the mess is not too overwhelming. Some of my best ideas and inspiration have come while washing a window or sweeping a floor. I feel it is the repetitive motion and the need to be fully present.

Do you practice stillness? If so, how do you practice stillness?

With Heartfelt Gratitude, I Say Thank You.

With heartfelt gratitude, 

I say thank you

to the workers who are still going to work.

Thank you to the teachers who are teaching our kids.

Thank you to the retail workers who still are essential.

Thank you to the rescue workers who always keep us safe.

Thank you to the mailpersons, delivery drivers, and parcel handlers.

You are keeping us connected.

Thank you to the tech people who keep this internet up and running.

Thank you to the earth for continuing to spin.

Thank you. Each and everyone of you who are doing your best to get through this.

With heartfelt gratitude, I say thank you to all.
May you all receive love, blessings, and joy throughout your day. 💕 Carrie