It's on the tip of your tongue
The warmth of your breath
Something has changed
You do not know it yet

Feel it deep within your soul
A fire so strong you have to grab hold
It will consume you they all cry out
Consume away you scream and shout

For life has meaning a purpose brand new
Something that crackles and spews
Sudden sparks of delicious through and through
Greatness was born out of love to improve.

Reflective Changes

Staring into the vast unknown
Feeling for a seed of growth
Not sure we're the tide pulls me now
Knowing for certain I are safe some how

Looking for it in your face
A gentle knowing, a warm embrace
Not sure if it was all a fake
Something you offered, something you take

Reflective changes I must make
Out to the vast unknown to create
A life newer than what you can take
Something for me, something to make

Grass should be greener
The laughter more pure
The changes I make now
Will lighten, strenghthen, help to ensure

Reflect on them, a little more
Am I really, really sure
Yes, it is right the time is now
Let me see how this unfolds some how

Truth Is

The truth is
I want to fill my day
With play.
I want to bring joy.
Feel joy.
Be joy.
I am joy.
Deep in the depths of my known
I am joy.
I am love.
I am creation.
Fine, wonderful, beautiful,
Fulfilling creation.

The truth is
So are you.

We all are.
We all live this.
Love this.
Speak this truth.

Embrace your truth.
Your you.

Shine for everyone to see,
But mainly shine for you.
For when you light up yourself.
The world shines with you.

The truth is
Life can be amazing.
It can be joy.
It can be love.
At any moment.
The truth is
I choose to see life as love,
As kindness,
As gentle creation.

The truth is
I am alive.
I am joyous.
I am shining.

The truth is
We all are.

Love and blessings to you. đź’• Carrie

© 2019 Carried Forth

Happy, Happy.

Bumping along the winding road, Shawna cursed under her breath. Why did all of these places that requested her services have to be so far out! Why for once could she not go to an easy, simple, suburban neighborhood? Drat her boss for sending her down this bumpy road to what!

. . . . . .

The place sat between a forest and the ocean. Almost a secluded island if not for the narrow lane that lead off the property to town. Shear paradise. Solitude among nature.

Holden still could not believe his luck in finding this treasure. Yes, the house was a bit rustic when he bought it years ago, but now, after pouring over every inch of the place, it looked brand new. Simplistic and perfect. Secluded from the world, yet still close enough he could get take out from the local town.

He was content here. Comfortable. Which is precisely why the next events needed to happen.

. . . . . .

A red car came to a stop next to Holden’s truck causing him to look up from the chair he was sanding. A small, fiery, redhead poured out of the car in a billow of colorful skirts. Cocking his head to the side Holden tried to figure out just what he was witnessing. She turned and reached back inside the car. Pulling out a huge bundle of black balloons with two bright pink ones in the shape of a six and a zero.

. . . . .

Shawna paused briefly after pulling the balloons out. Long enough to remember her lines. She then marched forward to the figure standing on the porch of this gorgeous house. She did not expect this type of house after the bumpy lane. The sound of the surf could be heard as she drew near.

Clearing her throat, she asked for Holden Markus. The man in front of her said he was Holden. Momentarily confused, Shawna felt as if there was a mix up, but she went ahead with her delivery. Singing happy birthday while handing him the balloons.

Laughing heartily, Holden took the balloons. Shaking his head and wiping at his eyes, he said thank you. Noticing the woman’s slight confusion, Holden felt he should explain.

“Mark, my friend, is always pulling pranks like this. In fact, it’s not even my birthday. Not by a long shot!” He laughed.

Shawna spoke , “Let me guess. Your not sixty, either.”

“Not even close.”

She let out a short laugh and turned to go back to her car.

. . . . . .

Holden was still grinning as the red car disappeared into the trees. Leave it to Mark to send a balloon gram randomly.

It Is a New Day!

My kids enjoy watching the Carl and Jinger Family channel on YouTube. They start their vlog with, “Today is a new day. Let’s make it an awesome one.” I really love this motto!

I honestly enjoy mornings . The start of a day has so much potential to be miraculous. Like a reset button on the day before. I also find that starting the day looking forward to the day and all that will unfold gives me the momentum to move through the day with a joyous heart.

It really is the little things that bring the most joy. Little thoughts of love, of miracles, of joy. All wraps together in a beautiful package of happiness. Contentment. It is wonderful to have.

May you all start your day, or end your day, depending on when you are reading this, with peace and joy. Looking forward to the freshness of life. The beauty of the world. Because beauty does exist, even in the harshness of life.

Love and blessings to you. đź’• Carrie


The loop, on repeat, endless drone of noise.
You pause it.
Quiet erupts.
Darkness enfolds.
We all do not know what to do with the quiet.
Fold into ourselves, we place decadence
On our mind health
Hold ourselves to higher standards.
Until we erupt from our own ashes.
Rising again
To feed our souls on beauty
Found in the natural order of things.
Feed our souls on music that revives.
Sending shivers down our spine
Until we cannot help but move to the rhythms.
Beats that enliven us.
Speaking poetic notes.
Vibrating to an unknown that feels more like home
Than this ever did.
Love shines from the inside
As we peel another layer of old
Ridiculous beliefs off ourselves.
Basking in the glory of knowing
That everything will be alright.
Give it time.
Air to breathe.
Laughter to sustain it.
Space to cry and bleed,
If need be.
We all understand at the core of it.
Yet when we awaken to the music
It seeps and pours out of everything,
Out of life.
We hear it all.
Melodies that make you dance.
Alive in the trees, the birds,the grasses
And streams.
Relish it!
For we are alive to live.
To breathe.
To give.
May the peace encompass you.
Radiate out of your soul.
To soothe all around you,
As you soothe yourself.
Love. The music of God.
Embrace it. As it has arrived.
Bringing joy.
Endless joy
Bubbling from the depths of the soul.