Forever graceful. Full of grace. Rhythmically moving.

Quiet chimes and orchestrated rhymes. Forever moving through time.

Undulating. Flowing. Gracefully knowing. It all unfolds just right.

In the continuous movement of life.


Your Truth

It maybe yours. Held to the chest. Holds you up.

Fully impressed. What if it is not mine?

It does not speak to me. Hold me sublime.

No. It is your truth, not mine. You may keep it.

It really is fine. Do not mistake my acceptance as weakness

or agreement. It is not. No, my acceptance is that. Acceptance for our differences.

You are there in your thought. I am here in mine. We are not together on it at all.

Yet it is fine. Truly fine. So please stop trying to push your truth on me. As I do see it.

Accept it. Yet I do not hold it as my own.


Swift Changes

Seasons are shifting. So are the leaves.

Continuous changes. As if, we believe.

Constant is not constant. Nothing is the same.

Everything changes. Embracing the rain .

Going along for the day. Swift in the change.

Only for this moment. Brought to the stage.


Following THE Path

It was bumpy in my stumbling.

Rocky without my grace.

Held a certain unknown.

Written on my face.
I prayed to the universe, god, and all the angels.
Found the very thing I needed

In the grace of the universe I see clearly all the angles.

May the light illuminate all that shall be seen.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Breathe. Until Now.

Open to a world she never saw before.

Shining and glistening. Should she try to explore?

Maybe just a little. One toe at a time. Dipped into this new world.

Tapped into infinite time. Exploring all the realms of life. As if,

they could exist. Open to the possibility of life beyond all of this.

Spoken in a time of need. Faith has brought her here.

Broken at the threshold. Open at the door. Wide and vast is the abundance.

The light and laughter carry on. Small little steps are tossed aside for a full on run.

Arms outstretched. Wide to all of it! Calling to those who shine. Come along! The water’s fine!


You Are Free Like The Tree.

Planted in the deep earth. Swaying to the breeze.

Yielding to the wind. Showered by the rain.

Rooted. Sharing its branches to nurture young,

To shelter from the blistering sun, to gracefully

Blow in the wind pulling one to the present to begin.

Tree asks of thee, to go. Run free!

Use your arms to nurture. Use your words to lift up.

Us your legs to carry you beyond all you can see!

Be free! Like the tree. Who accepts where he is.

Loving from the ground up. Spreading joy and nurturing

all who stay beneath his branches.


Expect Love.

The actions speak of kindness, generosity, and grace.

The words echo thoughts of love, laughter, and embrace.

Spoken in the air we breathe. Brought forth on our path.

Magic of miracles in moments meant to last.

Expectations of all we shall recieve. Speak of hearts and love;

a greater kind of need. Fully embraced by the light of truth.


Dream Big. Bigger. Huge.

The world flows from your fingertips.

The very golden light abounds. Abundance is yours to have.

Ask. It will be found. Keep it shining. Keep it bright.

Sparkle everyday. Shine your joy. Shine your light.

Bigger everyway.


Joy Bringers

The love and light. Energy so high.

They lift us up. Help us fly.

The ones who bring joy to everything.

We celebrate you today!

We love you for your bright faces.

Your loving light and grace.

Oh, we celebrate, all who lift us up!

I am blessed to have known, and know, people who are the light of the world. Humble and beautiful souls who inspire all who are blessed to know them.

These little ones, although not human souls, are abundant in their joy! They are a tremendous source of light in our world as they live each moment with sheer joy and love.

I find most animals to be tremendous joy bringers.

Do you have an animal, or more, that brings joy into your life?

Until next time:

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie