All, But The Sunset.

Whispers of the day,

thread through the pages

as the journal fills with hopes,

dreams, and those things in between.

Drying ink. Wiped away. Maybe this will be forgotten

someday. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. She really

has grown tired of holding all these hopes. 

The dreams flit from place to place. Landing

gentle on a smiling face. Held up and taken down.

It all continues to go round. Time has never stood still.

Sometimes I forget this but am reminded in the setting sun.

As I stand and watch it go down. Colors light and fade. Change.

Constantly. Until no more, but the violet of the night. Touched by

stars shining bright. As I have said before, all was as it is,

but the sunset clearly sees it.


Thank You Sky!

You often cause wonder and delight,

even on the days where I cannot see the light.

You, sky, remind me, I am just one being

in this vast and beautiful universe. Below you, I remain.

Humble and forgiven. Shining once again. 

Because I see the wonder of this vast beautiful sunlit world.


Early Morning Snow

She falls quietly

feathery cold blanket

muffling the sounds.

Creating a quiet

soothing world.

Even the birds

chirp in muffled tones.

Whispering their good mornings.

My foot falls are quiet, too.

Causing the soul to be heard.

Whispering her wisdom.

Letting nature seep in.

Quiet hush of snow.


2020 Farewell

You end after today.

I have to say,

this is a year that strengthened faith.

Brought together and kept apart

all I care for in my heart.

It opened up a world I knew

could use a bit more love, it’s true.

So with a grateful heart I bid adu.

2021 you will be new.

What you bring I do not know.

With grace and ease you will flow.


All Smiles

Oh, sky! Even you smile as the year ends.

Happy for new beginnings. New friends.

Maybe not all new everything, but some stuff

will surely change. Like all years which have past,

we smile on the memories, the moments, the things which last.

Waving a glorious goodbye to the rest of it. Oh, sky!

You say it all in your simple smile. It’s time.

Let’s go find those moments to smile.