Messages From Love.

Sit with patience. Love and understanding.

Hold yourself in high regards.

All is in place now to go forward.

Seek what’s yours, you will find.

Love and understanding are yours to keep.

Angled in the world we reap.

Blooms and buds awaken now.

In this moment you have as well.

Holding in a higher place. 

The power in the angelic embrace.

Go forth with peace within your heart.

Forever moving. Never part.

Grounded in the faith you bring.

Shining light. Forward spring.


Ferns and Fungi

I am always fascinated with ferns and fungi. I remember hiking with my parents as a kid and poking fun at dad for stopping often to photograph ferns, fungi, nuts, and other random stuff. Now, I find myself doing the same. 🙂



Random stuff. 😉

The world is full of brilliantly, beautiful things!

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie