Drifting Away On A Prayer

The fluff of seed.

Seed fluff?

Drifted away.

Lifting it in her palm she exhaled.

Watching it catch on a breeze and drift away.

Wishing for everything good to come to those

living life here on Earth.

Hoping with her whole heart that one day

her dreams would stop drifting away on a prayer.

Continuing to be a light for those beside her.

After all, that was what she was here for.

It Is Funny, Sometimes.

The look one gets when it all clicks.

It is funny, sometimes.

How the world always spins, the sun always rises,

the mortals always worry and fret, possibly missing the surprises.

It is funny, sometimes.

The way the wind tickles ankles and drifts through hair.

Caressing cares and worries. Pulling them away from here.

It is funny, sometimes.

I think I know exactly what is. Then life happens.

Leaving me slack jawed and awed. How did that twist come through?

It is funny, sometimes.


It is funny, sometimes.

Keep paying attention, because

it is funny, sometimes.

Accepting Us.

The road stretched

Forever on.

Past the horizon.

It floated. Broke out of sight.

Drifted past everything.

Vast wandering. Meandering to where?

It never really mattered. We need away from here.

Not that this was bad. Different. Smoothering. Compressing.

The road was vast and open. Smelling of freedom and movement.

Feeling like a promise. It never asked for anything. Accepting

us passing over it.

Roses And…

It came up roses.

Fast and quick.

Like a dream escaped into the world.

Opened to the shift.
We sat. Watching.

Breathing and laughing.

Holding space for all to grow.

Holding space. We always know.
In times of blessed clairity.

We sing and dance.

Rejoice in all that unfolds.

Brought with it roses and sunshine.
A warmth deep inside.

Feeling like calm water.

Waves of knowing.

Laughter and…

Here You Can Have It, God.

I brought it all to You.

Every scrap I could no longer hold onto.

I asked for sorting, organizing, changing, or tossing it all.

You smiled calmly. Gathered the scraps. Held out Your hand.

I looked perplexed at first. Looking around.

What where You asking for?

Turning around I faced the mammoth I was carrying.

 “You want this, too?”

 ” Yes. ” You waited as I decided. Could I really let THIS go?

It weighted me down. Slowed me. Held me in place.

Yet it was so familar…how could I leave it in Your hands?

Would it come back to me? Would it change anything?

 “You may have it back if, and when, you choose. I ask you to trust me. 

Let me take it from you.”

 Releasing a pent up sigh, I handed the mammoth over.

Thanking You, I walked away. Feeling much lighter. 

Wondering what would come of it.

Would I survive without it? The answer was always yes! 

So, why is it easier to hand over the tiny scraps, then it is to hand over everything?

It was everything.

The burdens, the joys, the stumbles, and the toys.

It was everything. You stood there, 

holding everything for me, as it should be.

I was free to roam where I pleased, as long as I gave back to thee.

Because We Needed You.

Brought into this world.

Sparkling and brand new.

You needed no one,

but we needed you.

Your kind soul.

Your laugh and generosity.

Your quiet loud presence.

You often remind me

life is more pleasurable if we stop to play,

and we can continue to be lighthearted as we go about our day.