Always Amused

Heartfelt laughter filled the air.

Crisp with sounds of fun and cheer.

Finding a moment or two

To look at the world and laugh. It’s true.

Always amused by the way the light filters

Through the glass on a clear morn.

How the patterns resemble hearts, catterpillars, squiggly lines

which remind me of the early drawings that hung on the refrigerator.

Smiling at that. Amused at the fact, the sun can deliver a memory

worth savoring, shift slightly and create something new.

Always amused by the way the mind works in undulating patterns.

Appearing random, but intricately laced together to form a life

of pleasure, woven through the tapestry of time, beating to a rhythm

uniquely mine. A rhythm easily and always amused.

Filling the air with laughter and joyous noise.

Enough to bring this life a glorious choice.

The choice to remain always amused.

The Unfolding Of A Day

Thankful it starts.

Grateful in our hearts.

Prayers to those who need it most.

Prayers to those who might not know.

Gratitude for the rising sun.

Grateful for the day has begun.

Smiling, holding space for what?

Laughter and a lighter heart.

Condolences to those who need.

Quick smiles and long hugs.

Love everything so much.

Even when it gets hard.

Gratitude still drives the car.

Oh, Time.

Running ahead toward something not quite seen.

Time gets away from me.

Floating away. ‘Time could you slow down?’ I say.

Time laughs and moves farther away.

I gather my things; chores, fun, work, play, other things to do today.

Hugged tightly in my arms. We run toward time.

Time is too far. Skipping, running, trying hard,

But time stays to far

out of reach. I think I must

lighten this load and trust.

Trust that time will slow for me

if I could drop a few things.

Arms open wide and toss it ALL aside.

Running unencumbered now.

‘Time! Time! I am getting there now.’

Time smiles slowly, with great pleasure.

‘I see you finally learned to measure

the importance of time these days.

How you do not wish it to slip away.’

Nodding and somewhat surprised

To find somethings by my side.

‘You see the ones that really matter

will never get away. Those stick like glue

and stay with you.’

‘I see’, I kindly say.

Lace And Parasol

You walk the frozen waters edge

In fine lacey gowns. Parasol, twirling round.

Whispering, ‘boo’, to those who stand around.

Until the day your voice was heard.

You made a friend who enjoyed the cold.

She too walked along, alone.

In frozen solitude.

Crunching ice beneath her shoes.

You glided silently by her side.

Enjoying every view.

Describing how young these trees where then.

She marvels at them now.

How beautiful they have grown.

What stories they can tell.

You marvel at your friend.

What it could have been.

Had you met a lifetime ago.

Would you both have giggled, so.

You would like to believe it true.

She is like a future you.

More refined and somewhat sad today.

Heartened by your friendly way.

You both part again. Till next time my friend.

Goodbye and farwell.

You will be here in lace and parasol.