Life Should Be Beautiful

Those gray days

Grip so fierce

You might complain

But complaints no longer roll off your tongue


Instead you see the beauty in it all

The light filtering through the clouds

Trickling down

Enough to clear the haze in your mind

Enough to remind you

There is beauty in every moment

Some moments just require a little more


Yet when that beauty is found

You will sigh out loud

Smile slightly

Feel whole worthy fresh

Because life is beautiful

Even in those moments when we need to actively search for the beauty

Mostly Tripping Up

We are ascending rapidly at the moment.

Ahead of me I see others gracefully, skillfully,

Rising up. Elegantly flowing to their highest potential.

I admire them. Long, at times, to gracefully flow as well.

Yet, here I am. Tripping rapidly. Stopping at times to catch my breath.

Laughing, with the others who are around me, as we, sort of, gracefully ascend.

Sharing stories that used to be. Sharing dreams that might become.

Living life as we can. A group of one. Rising up to our highest potential.

Even if we trip up once in a while. Laughing at our blunders.

Embracing all the glorious, messy, and poignant moments along the way.

A Sound. A Word. All Unheard.

It all started with a sound. A pitch unheard by some.

Resonate in the hearts. Spoken far, wide, worlds apart.

No one knew. Suspected none. 

Until the sound, flowed off their tongues.

Unknown. Unheard. A word.

Spoken in a quiet voice.

Delivered to the highest choice.

Cold went warm. Dark to light.

Open hearts. Lack of fright.

The sound reverberated again.

Heard this time by a selected few.

Those who spoke of this truth.

It rolled with ease off the tongues.

Reaching farther and farther to the sun.

Until it resonates with all.

The sound will continue in equal

Measure. Rest assure.

Until it flows from every pore.

Spoken from the hearts of human.

Love. A word. Spoken.

Deer Me

The storms have passed. Can you see?

The joy return in me? I jump and swirl.

Run back and forth. Chase my brother to the woods!

The storms have passed. The eatens good.

I dance and prance. Run with joy.

The storms have passed. Deer. Deer, me.

My antlers are no longer on my head.

Yet I stand proud to protect the herd.

Out front while they kick and play.

The storms have passed. We’ll eat today.

Celebration has calmed down.

We all start to eat and stand around.

Calmed for now, but soon we’ll be

Jumping for joy. Deer, deer, me.

Here, Take My Bag

He stood on the bank of the river. Straining his eyes. ‘What is that?’ The sun was glaring low in the sky behind the creature cantering across the water. He could not figure out what it was. Horse like, but something glinted in the sun. Like a glittery horn atop the creatures head? 

Squinting like mad, he wished he could figure it out. In the minutes it took for the creature to cross the river, he could not fathom what he was seeing. Like a fairy tale. A white horse with a glittery horn. Surprisingly this was not the most perplexing thing.

Not in the least.

What astonished him was the creature poised on top of the unicorn. Billowing hair and gleaming skin covered in iridescent blues and pinks flowing in the breeze.

As he stood, mouth slightly agap. The two creatures stopped beside him. A gentle neigh emitted from the unicorn as he lowered his head to munch grass.

‘Here, take my bag.’ She said as she slipped off the unicorn and ran off into the forest.

Standing there. Beside a unicorn. Holding a pink iridescent bag. Mark wondered what world he had entered. Where exactly was he?

Minutes passed and she emerged from the woods. Thanking Mark for holding her bag.

She swiftly mounted the unicorn and they trotted away. Leaving Mark standing in the same spot. Still trying to figure it out. Wondering if he had dreamed it. Wondering.