They laugh at something only they understand.

The bond between siblings. Like a touch of a hand.

Fighting and bickering. They scream, ‘ We will never talk again!’

Tears fly. Shouts and more cries. Time goes by.

Then like a shift in the atmosphere, the laughing resumes.

With laughing tears. Something as little as a funny sound.

Leaves them in laughing puddles on the ground.

It never quite changes as they grow. 

Even when life looks nothing like it did before

They have a bond that grows some more.

A Piece Of My Heart

In the grassy, parched yard

he stands proud and tall

in his heart shaped glory

for all who pass.

I could not resist taking this picture of a heart shaped flower. ♥ 

I have always seen shapes and images in things. I see a lot of hearts lately. 

Maybe a sign of all the love being sent during this pandemic?

Whatever the reason, they sure make me smile 😃.

Love and blessings readers, 💕 Carrie


A Little Could Be Enough

The yard has become crunchy as the grasses dried

from the lack of rain filled skies. We soak up the sun.

Lounge in the pool. Have summer fun.

All the while, in the back of our mind, we pray for some rain.

A little at a time. Something to hydrate the parched fields.

Sprinkle the flowers. Create a few puddles. Wash the car.

Just a little. A sprinkle or two. Wet the land. Soak our hand.

Keep us from drying up. Just something. A little could be enough.

Taste Of Summer

Summer tastes like fresh berries

straight off the vine. Plucked from the thorns.

Ripe just in time for summer to feel a little bit more

like a summer we had before. When the world was

more carefree. The days stretched out long.

When watermelon and lemonade tasted sweet on our tongue.

When we made bike rides and swimming slides.

Scaled trees, just for fun.

Summer tastes like grass and bees. All kinds of sweet things.

Most of all, summer tastes like memories.


Have we not noticed

our attention was on one thing

now out of focus.

Nothing like a photo gone wrong to send a bit of a life message. Pay attention to what one focuses on. 

Or is it see the rocks and grasses despite the flowers? 😉

One of those mishaps…which make me really look closely at the background.

Diving deep.

Keep on working…

Love and blessings readers! 💕 Carrie

Fire And Ash

Burns so brightly

The light inside us.

Never entirely going out.

Never extinguished.

Never stomped out.

Always burning.

Add the fuel of your choice.

Dance, write, paint, play, laugh.

It’s all the same.

It will all turn the ash to fire blazing bright.

Live fully in every moment.

As if dying were not an option,

But a choice that we would make when

A time came to fully embrace the ash.

Let the fire burn brightly

For all to see.

Give life your all.

This poem and others like it can be found in Fire Will Feed You by Carrie Sutej. Available on Amazon for kindle or in print. Check it out. 🙂