Always In My Heart

Your first year with us. You camped by the oven on Thanksgiving day.

Sniffing the air. Anticipating. Your first Christmas. You helped Santa

fill the stockings. Opening your present in the night. You were

excitement and joy. Always the first to see what was in the package

that just arrived. Claiming another box. Always skillfully ‘killing’ the

toy circus mouse as she ran around the track. Forget about playing 

magic tracks, as you always took the car off road. We would laugh. 

At times get madingly frustrated

as another car wizzed by. You in hot pursuit. A twinkle in your eye.

You loved the smell of the paper whites. Why, I’ll never understand.

It’s odd to bake now, when you don’t show up, or dry my hair with out

you insisting to be dryed, too. How I miss you.

At the same time marveling how the days pass, and those memories

last, while the pain recedes. How I remember…You with fondness, 

love, and gratitude. How I remember you as freshness. Light. Love. 

Complete curiosity. Your body may have left this world, but you spirit 

still lives on. In our hearts our love will always be strong.

Stormy the black cat

‘Till we meet again mini panther. ❤💕


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