All That Glitters.

Is it the girl in me?

Perhaps an innate ability to be

drawn to the light?

Whatever it is. 

My kids

sure find it funny when I pause…

for a moment I’m lost in the changing glitter sequins

of this toy at the grocery. They giggle and moan, but

are stuck here, too. What does the fascination hold?

All that glitters makes me pause.

Grateful in my heart.

For that sparkling snow.

Transfixed me.

Wondrous it can be.

Rain falls. Steady rhythm to the ground.

Slowing some as the sun pokes out.

Drops dance in the wind. Glittering.

Dishes, you will have to wait as I am

transfixed. Lost to the moment

as the rainbows emerge.

Is that a sparkle?

A twinkle?

I see in your eye.

As you erupt in laughter

over something not quite right.

It really is funny. A mishap

to delight. 


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