Could It Be Spring?

Spring is blooming in the house. Nature is so wonderful in it’s mix of colors, textures, and shapes.

This tulip looks like a heart, which reminds me of the hearts that kept popping up last year in 2020. Anyone remember those?

If you do not remember, are new to the blog, or just want to revisit those posts, pictures, and possibly poems. 

Here they are:

Heart In The Sky

More Hearts!

A Piece Of My Heart

Today also marks the midway point from winter to spring, which means two things, depending on how one views it. Winter us halfway over, or spring is almost here. Either way, let’s celebrate because… well, why not. 🙃

Plus a bonus…heart in the sky. ❤🙂

Even those grey days have heart. 😉

Love and blessings lovely readers, 💕 Carrie


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