By It’s Very Nature, It Is Immeasurable.

How can I love you all equally?

When love cannot be measured.

I cannot sift and pour my love

for you and your magical giggles.

There is no weight to weigh

when I attentively listen to your latest interest.

There is no volume to the gratitude I feel, which is love,

when your rabbit noses twitch merrily at my hands

as we greet each other good morning.

No. There is no way to measure it.

The joy that emits from your eyes when we run to greet one another.

Yet…I love you all. 

Equally so, although different in its ways, I love sharing

a laugh with a stranger. The immeasurable love that is the sky!

How or why should it be measured or questioned when the isness

of it all is far greater, far more comforting, than weighing the

whys and hows. There is no measurable means which is why love

spills out so easily and overflows bounds to reach all it can.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


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