I Intended…

Waking today I intended…

the song of the chickadee

called me out to fill the feeder

he swiftly jumped upon my hand

I said good morning he chirped his greeting

flew away…I went back to my plan

for the day…the dog barked

to go out then the cat needed to talk

about the many things she needs to say

now where was I before…

I may have to revise this plan as the day is

getting shorter so I guess I will get this done…

oh the kids need more of…the cat is back

to say something more about her day

a new bird is thrilling from the tree

the feeders are full what should he need

nothing but to sing it seems

and maybe that’s all I should do

as we head to bed for the day

has got away but it was enjoyable I must say

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

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