Preparing For…

The feast. The many dishes. Pies and trimmings.

Preparation has begun. Blessings and thanks to everyone!

Yet as we gather to feast, our table looks different today.

Less family, less friends, gather here today. As we have been asked

to kindly keep away. So in this time of distancing to keep our health and safety,

we learn to hold space in our hearts for all who we would like to celebrate and give thanks.

Which honestly holds a bigger space than this dining table could possibly take. So even though

physically our group is rather small, in our hearts we celebrate with an enormous group we call

friends and family. People who have touched our hearts. Those who rather fondly, left impressions

and their mark. So gatherings may look small, but no greater have they been, because we hold much gratitude for all our family and friends!

Many thanks and love to you all!

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


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