The Warm November Sun

November sun.

Cast your warmth on us.

Let us hold your rays within.

Warm us. Prepare us for the colder,

shorter days of winter. Hold us

in your clear warm embrace.

Sparkling rays lick our face.

as we go about our days.

Knowing you will set quickly in evening

to rise swiftly in golden glory tomorrow.

Holding promises of crisp warm moments.

While we sip our pumpkin spiced drinks.

Laughing at memories we are making

in the leaf piles and festivals which are on hold this year.

Yet if we listen closely in the streets we will hear the echos

of festive memories dance along. Holding space for the 

days when we, too, can come together building new

festive memories. Promises of days to come in your warm

sparkling sun.


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