I Woke.

I woke to star dust

drifting across the pages.

I woke to golden light

glistening along the pavement.

I woke to tea brewed

steaming in brightly colored mugs.

I woke to dragonflies

dancing across the ceiling.

I woke.
I woke to leaves rustling

colorful across the worn path.

I woke to symphonies of birds

calling me to explore all I heard.

I woke to everything.

Even the dirt.

I woke.
I woke to gooseflesh

shivering across my bones.

I woke to miracles

disguised as pain.

I woke to unicorns

living wild in the clouds of pastoral bliss.

I woke

to this.

I woke.
I woke to moments of breathing

air that needed cleaning.

I woke to sparkling diamonds

glistening on grasses in the morning sun.

I woke to serving a higher, loving One

holding arms open to all who ask to live in grace.

I woke.

I woke.

I woke.


I woke.

2020 Carried Forth

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