Aster. Aster.

Aster. Aster.

Summer has gone away faster,

Or so it seems.

Now it’s fall. The asters have bloomed.

Pumpkin spice has exploded.

It’s all over the room.

Aster. Aster.

I hope Autumn does not go faster.

As Summer did.

Currently, the leaves are changing daily on the trees. It’s so beautiful and glorious. I want to dismiss all responsibilities and just bask in the glow of autumn. 

Of course, life does not allow for this. Not entirely. So I am grateful for the moments when I do get to bask in the beauty of autumn.

Mainly, as I pass a window or walk a kid to the bus stop, yet every moment counts. It all adds up to a full heart and a full day. Doing all things with joy. 

Have a beautiful day!

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie

2020 Carried Forth

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