Confidant Chickadee.

You fly by me. Hovering close so I see.

Look! Look! At me! You say, chick -a-dee-dee-dee.

I pause to look at you. You fly to the feeder and back to the tree.

Asking without words if I can see. Yes. I notice the feeder is empty.

I will be right back.
Arriving with the container of seed. The chickens cannot help but see.

As they scream, Sunseeds! From under the cover of the trees.
Full at last. I look around. I do not see the chickadee.

He cannot be found. 

Wait! Right there! A flash of black and white. Past my shoulder.

He grabs a seed. Quick as can be. Perches in the tree to eat.

Belting out a thank you that sounds like, chick-a-dee-dee-dee.


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