Abundance In All I See

Crying in the midday sun. Arms are stretched up high.

The cry is full of joy and truth as abundance falls from the sky.

I saw it in a vision. Fought like hell to keep it down. Then the magic

was revealed. All felt gloriously profound. Held up in arms. Pulled from the heart.

Abundance everywhere! All the glory! All the truth! Falling through the air!

May you be blessed with abundance in all you see.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

One thought on “Abundance In All I See

  • Very proud of you! It took me years and years to learn to use the right side of my brain. Knowing your mom the way I do, I know you and her are are hear to teach me. Thank you for that. Isn’t it a great time to be alive. The Great Awakening!!!! By the way, if you are a fan of “Thriller” by MJ you will love what’s coming! Love You.


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