Easy Or Simple

You make it looks so easy. Graceful and not at all crazy.

While I feel as if I blunder the whole thing. Hitting all the right notes

at all the wrong times. You breeze past. Radiant and glowing.

Beautiful in your unknowing. I never once thought to be jealous.

Never once felt uncomfortable in your presence. You had a way of gracing everything,

everyone. Making life feel so easy. Comfortable and exciting all at once. I often

strove to be like you. Until you laughed and told me I was whole as I was. I needed to be me.

It all felt right. Our lives undulating to a rhyme only we understood. How can it be so easy?

Why is it so simple? It aches so much at times because I complicate the hell out of it all.

Forever reaching toward your grace. Capturing my own. Longing for those moments I am whole again.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

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