Upon A Fallen Star

Dreams fall.

As the stars shoot across the sky.

We sit quietly observing it all.

Unfolding as predicted. So they say.

We never really truly remember if it should have gone this way.

Crumbling to ruin. To rise again.

Phoenix out of ashes. Everynight.

Every. Single. Night.

Out of the ashes he will rise.

Shooting stars fall. Galaxies collide. Dreams shatter.

The phoenix will rise.

2020 http://www.carriedforth.com

6 thoughts on “Upon A Fallen Star

  • Pheonix is a powerful synchronicity for me. It started when we attended my brother Joe’s daughters wedding [n Pheonixville Pa. Since then I’ve run across it in many books I’ve read, Many people I’ve listened to and now in your beautiful poem. I can’t help but feel the Native Americans are right.The Pheonix is rising! Take a look at all the earth quakes around the world (newest ones in Australia), and the monsoons in China and other places. Very powerful!

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    • As with all spirituality, the Phoenix is within. We get to choose daily, moment by moment, to be the phoenix. To rise, every time. Again and again. 💕

      Prayers and blessings to those affected, directly or indirectly, by the all those natural disasters. My heart goes out to them.


  • Amen. We chose to be here at this time. Those who chose to leave this way will be ascended to the next level. I pray for them with gratitude.


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