Here You Can Have It, God.

I brought it all to You.

Every scrap I could no longer hold onto.

I asked for sorting, organizing, changing, or tossing it all.

You smiled calmly. Gathered the scraps. Held out Your hand.

I looked perplexed at first. Looking around.

What where You asking for?

Turning around I faced the mammoth I was carrying.

 “You want this, too?”

 ” Yes. ” You waited as I decided. Could I really let THIS go?

It weighted me down. Slowed me. Held me in place.

Yet it was so familar…how could I leave it in Your hands?

Would it come back to me? Would it change anything?

 “You may have it back if, and when, you choose. I ask you to trust me. 

Let me take it from you.”

 Releasing a pent up sigh, I handed the mammoth over.

Thanking You, I walked away. Feeling much lighter. 

Wondering what would come of it.

Would I survive without it? The answer was always yes! 

So, why is it easier to hand over the tiny scraps, then it is to hand over everything?

It was everything.

The burdens, the joys, the stumbles, and the toys.

It was everything. You stood there, 

holding everything for me, as it should be.

I was free to roam where I pleased, as long as I gave back to thee.

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