Cultivating Joy

Look at the world!

Full! Full of wonder!

Full of joy!

How can one learn to employ?

It is such a simple sounding concept, cultivating joy. Yet, some days it can be very elusive. Finding joy in a moment when the day is so rushed. There is so much to do. So much…

Yet on those days, when I pause for a moment to watch a bird or gaze at the sky, I feel the joy. Deep inside. Pulling up a smile. A laugh. The lightness of it all.

It is those moments I look back on when I feel tense or stressed in the day. Because I can reflect on how one moment was full of joy.

Some days those moments are a shared laugh, the joy of completing a task, or the quiet time between the needs of the children.

All the time consciously cultivating joy through gratitude, understanding, and sheer will.

How do you cultivate joy in your life? 

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