Be Still

In stillness one will see.

A quiet breath.

A quiet mind.

Bring it all to be.

How can one be still? There is always so much to be done, and so much I would like to do, how can I be still? Why take time to be stationary? At least, I used to interpret stillness that way.

I do take moments to truly be still and stationary. These moments are brief. Usually no more than fifteen minutes. The moments only run longer if I fall asleep, and yes, I have been known to fall asleep while trying to meditate. Usually because I slept poorly the night before. 

Mainly, I find that the stillness I truly need is a quiet mind which I find can be achieved doing other things that are not stationary. Walking is a great way to practice stillness in motion, as is, yoga or qi gong. I also find cleaning to be helpful as long as the mess is not too overwhelming. Some of my best ideas and inspiration have come while washing a window or sweeping a floor. I feel it is the repetitive motion and the need to be fully present.

Do you practice stillness? If so, how do you practice stillness?

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